Falmouth Nurse Stokes Anger Towards Unvaccinated By Making Up Story About 9 Kids Watching Their Parents Die From COVID In Her ICU 


This is Jillian Peirce, a Falmouth nurse who works at St. Luke’s Hospital.

The other day she posted a grim warning about why people should get vaccinated, claiming that in just one week she had personally witnessed at least 9 people die from COVID, including one person whose child read them their “last rights” from outside the hospital room.

Your “last rights” include the right not get vaccinated if you don’t want to. Jill i before e unless before c is thinking of “last rites,” which can only be read to you by a priest or bishop, not your daughter.

She’s of course lying about everything because hardly anyone in Massachusetts is dying from COVID.

Cases are up because the vaccine pretty much does nothing to stop the transmission of COVID, but deaths are down because the vaccine effectively saves the lives of many who contract the virus and would otherwise be more likely at risk (elderly and obese). If I were fat or elderly I’d get the vaccine just to be on the safe side, but you can make whatever decision you want with your body and it has no effect on me or anyone else.

The real problem here is that a healthcare worker is intentionally lying to people for 2 reasons:

  1. To scare hesitant people into getting vaccinated
  2. To increase public resentment towards the unvaccinated by blaming them for the Biden administration’s complete failure to stop the spread of COVID

Any nurse who uses a public platform like this to lie and spread politically motivated fear porn should be fired. No one has done more to make people distrustful of healthcare workers than nurses like this. Any advice she gives you about your health should be questioned, because chances are there is political motivation behind it. Last year she told people that washing your hands would stop the spread of the virus because soap somehow will prevent airborne particles from entering another person’s mouth.

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While they were lying to you they were also applauding themselves for being braver than you, and mocking you being hesitant to wear a mask, which is about as effective as soap is at stopping the spread of COVID.

Healthy people should put on a face diaper at the grocery store because the doctor exclusively treating COVID patients is wearing one. That makes sense.

The danger here is that people believed her because we were taught to trust healthcare workers.

But when they betray the public trust they should be treated just like any corrupt cop or politician we put our trust in. She has since deleted the post, probably because she knew it’s not a good luck for nurses to lie like this to the public in order to scare people into getting a vaccine they don’t want.


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