Family Farm In Lexington Gets Attacked By Online Woke Mob After Arlington Elected Official Doxxes Them For Donating To Trump


This is Arlington School Committee member Paul Schlictman.

And as you can see, his fingers will make any pussy feel uncomfortable.

Paul decided it would be a good idea to use his position as an elected leader in town to smear a family business called Wilson Farm because they donated money to a political campaign.

“My immigrant wife.” 

I’m sure your Asian wife appreciates you using her as a token to slam a taxpaying business that provides a service that you obviously appreciated for many years. Your wife, who I assume came here legally, should have no beef with Trump. He’s not trying to deport legal immigration and has overseen countless naturalization ceremonies. Just the ones who come here illegally and are dumb enough not to keep a low profile when they’re here.

As you can imagine the woke brigade was salivating at the prospect of destroying a family owned business during a pandemic, just because they could.

When the comment matches the face.

Keith Ericson works for the Questrom School of Business at BU.

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Here’s their Facebook page. Feel free to let them know that they employ a man who engages in hate speech and attacks small business owners for their political beliefs.

After that it was shared in an “anti-racism” Facebook group, and you can just imagine the winners who go there.

Like this woman.

Lynette Martyn has nothing better to do than to “sleuth” and harass a business owner because her husband clearly isn’t satisfying her. In fairness, he’s about 98 years old, and all the King’s viagra couldn’t help him out in that department, so it’s not entirely his fault.

They parade their two young kids around to political protests, as if they have the slightest clue about what any of this actually means. She’s also running for School Committee, and her campaign video speaking to a bunch of pearl clutching white women at one of their homes about how racist their town is can be seen here

Not content with just attacking one local business, she also wants to hurt another family that owns a liquor store because they defended the Wilson family.

These people aren’t our friends and we’re never going to find common ground with them. They are an enemy and should be treated with disdain by all decent people. It’s OK to hate them. They are soulless, evil, vindictive ghouls.

Then there was this thing.

It’s name is Taleen Violet and it wants to defund the police.

Not only is she calling out the Wilson family for donating money to the candidate of their choice, she’s making a list of demands.

Uhoh, she’s “demanding” things guys. Don’t mess with this revolutionary leader and her mob of Becky’s.

Expect some strongly worded emails until they forget about this and move onto their next target on Friday.

You’ll never guess which two local cheesehogs Taleen supports too.

Monica Cannon-Grant, a well known racist who once threatened to have her thugs murder a black woman running for congress, and Didi Delgado, who forces white women to pay her reparations once a week so that she can go on exotic vacations around the world and never obtain employment.

From what people tell us, Wilson’s Farm does a lot for the community and employs many immigrant workers. They have animals, hay rides, and other stuff for kids. And now this mob of racist white women thinks they can bully them because it’s become acceptable to do so in the age of Trump. Not any longer. We’ll keep calling out and exposing these fascists one by one, because someone has to be the voice for their victims.


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