Family Of Missing 18 Year Old New Bedford Woman Raises Thousands With Suspicious GoFundMe After She Ran Away With Aunt’s 37 Year Old Ex-Boyfriend She’s Been Seeing For Years


Jahliajia Finklea is a tribal member from New Bedford.

The day before her 18th birthday she disappeared, and her family claims she was kidnapped by this shady 37 year old dude who was stalking her on the Interwebz. It made the news:

Eighteen-year-old Jalajhia Finklea was last seen in New Bedford near her apartment on Oct. 20th. Her family is worried about her and concerned that she may have been a victim of foul play. Jalajhia Finklea is a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. The tribe’s police department has issued a release expressing concern that Jalajhia may have been abducted by a 37-year-old man named Luis Robert Zaragoza Barboza. Jalajhia’s family is concerned about Barboza. As far as the family knows, there was no relationship between the two. And they find the 20-year age gap between them troubling. If Jalajhia ran away with Barboza, her family insists, she would have called them. Instead, there has been no communication from Jalajhia or Barboza in more than a week. And as every day passes, the family the worry grows that Jalajhia is somehow being prevented from calling them.

“We’re very concerned. We’re just trying to take every measure we can to get her home. We at least want to just hear something from him, from her, it’s not normal that she doesn’t reach out to any of us,” Costa said.

But as it turns out the Luis Barboza is her aunt’s ex-boyfriend, he’s been around the girl since she was 12, and has probably been having sex with her for several years now.

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A New Bedford love story indeed.

The family did what any grieving family would do in a situation like this – try to profit off of it by starting a GoFundMe.

Bring her home? She’s 18 and trying to get her swerve on with aunty’s boo. She doesn’t have to come home, nor does she want to. So what’s the money going towards?

“Help pay towards the investigation to bring my daughter home.”

The thing is, that’s what the police are for. Luckily we don’t even need to get a private investigator because Luis has been posting on Twitter about their escapades. Yesterday he uploaded a video of him and her getting tattoos.

He posted a video of them Facetiming each other.

Another one of them eating.

A picture of them in an elevator together.

Along with screenshots of text messages about how they’re in ratchet love.

Obviously this man is degenerate skeeve with a thing for underage girls, considering those texts go back to January when she was 17. But she’s 18 now, and as you can see from her IG she’s been a bad girl for quite some time. Here’s some pictures of her when she was 15, getting crunk up in the club and rolling blunts like it’s going out of style.

The family also forgot to point out she’s gone missing multiple times before. One time for 25 days.

She’s been in programs for runaways.

And according to one source the girl has been running away since she was 11, and the family made money off her.

Then there’s the fact that she announced on Facebook that she was moving out of the country as soon as she turned 18.

All of these posts have mysteriously disappeared from her page, and many suspect that her family has access to it and is covering up her past so they can collect more with the GoFundMe for a “private investigator.” But every time someone makes this suggestion on a family member’s page the fam channels their inner New Bedford and reads them a passage or two out of the Ebonics bible.

Including the aunt whose man left her for her underage niece.

Oh, and they’re claiming that she took a knife with her to rob him.

Now they’re alleging that the pictures the “kidnapper” is posting are old ones, in order to keep up the grift that their runaway daughter is in mortal danger so people will keep donating to the GoFundMe.


If you’ve ever said it, you almost definitely could tell me off the top of your head what visiting hours are at Shirley Max.

I don’t trust this family as far as I can throw them. I guess she could be dead, but it seems unlikely and this isn’t being treated like a homicide by police. Either way, a GFM isn’t going to solve that. Mom has taken her Facebook page down, the donos keep flowing to the GFM, they lied about him kidnapping her, they go full ratchet on anyone who questions them, they delete comments, they obviously did a horrible job raising her since she seemed to be a free range hoodbooger the moment she hit puberty, and the rationale for the GFM makes no sense. I don’t know for sure what’s happening here, but I do know that there’s a 0.0% she was kidnapped. At the end of the day she’s just a junior ratchet who turned 18 and can finally legally get the D from her aunty’s 37 year old ex-boyfriend. Case closed.


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