Father And Friends Blame Providence Police For Shooting Back At Son Who Shot A Cop While Out On Bail For Other Gun Charges


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Providence is the most overrated city in New England. Everything outside of the mall is a plague that needs to be eradicated. Exhibit A.

WPRI: A Providence police officer is recovering at the hospital after he was struck by a bullet in his protective vest Friday afternoon. Officer Matthew McGloin, a 10-year veteran of the department and a member of the violent crime task force, suffered an “impact injury” to his chest after a suspect opened fire on him and his partner Jonathan Smith outside a strip mall on Admiral Street around 3:20 p.m., according to Col. Hugh Clements.

“There were several bullets fired by the suspect,” Clements said. “We don’t know how many right now.”

The officers returned fire but the suspect, later identified as Tyrone Robinson, was not hit and got away on foot. Robinson, 19, ran to his home a few blocks away on Douglas Avenue, Clements said, which was soon surrounded by SWAT team members with their guns drawn. Robinson eventually came out and was taken into custody, and police recovered the firearm. Clements said he’ll likely be facing several charges. The chief also noted that Robinson was “well-known” to police and has firearm and drug charges on his record. In fact, at the time of his arrest he was out on bail for a gun charge from May, according to Clements.

If only there were gun laws in place that would prevent people like this from obtaining weapons. If there’s one thing criminals like this respect, it’s gun control laws.

The sad part is that this story barely made the news because the cop lived. Seems like it’s only story when a career criminal like this is actually competent enough to finish the job. It’s remarkable, that despite the fact that the PPD is a racist institution according to many (probably), and the fact that Brokahontas here shot a police officer, he was still taken unharmed. This despite all the memes that SJWs share whining that Dylan Roof got taken alive but Mike Brown didn’t. Turns out if you surrender peacefully they won’t end up killing you, as much as they’d be doing the world a favor.

This individual is 19 years old and “well known” to the PPD. There are no shortage of career lowlifes living in Providence. To have achieved “well known” status at such a young age means that you almost definitely will not live to see 30, unless it’s in prison where you belong.

This individual was out on bail on gun charges, because I know from experience just how incompetent judges in Rhode Island can be.

And according to a woman named after bootleg Sprite, he’s the victim here.

Wait a minute – the cops were shooting at someone who was shooting at them? That’s racist! And coming from a woman who’s shaped like a 5th grade gym teacher’s bag of dodge balls, I believe her.

But if some rando writes something on the Internet then it must be true. So it was shared hundreds of times until Tyrone’s father caught wind of it and piled on to blame the cops for defending themselves from someone who was shooting at them.

Killing our kids? He shot a cop in broad daylight. Poor Tyrone wasn’t harmed a bit, which of course is the real tragedy here.

Obviously his father brought him up with great morals if he’s already a well known gang banger who occasionally shoots cops in Providence.

In a sane world Dad would sit down, evaluate the many ways he failed as a parent, and work to make amends. But this is Providence, so instead he blamed the cops who his son just shot in broad daylight.

Dad would go down to the police station to complain himself, but I don’t think he’s got the bus fare.

Sadly he exercises his right to vote, and bases his decisions on memes.

Of course this is the real reason his son was shot at by the police.

When you raise your kids to believe that the police are the enemy don’t be surprised when they start at each other.

Here’s the best part – he thinks he should be paid more than the police too because he’s their “boss.”

Here’s an idea – they’re paid more than you because people like your son use them for target practice. Also you’re overweight, have no skills, write like Flowers from Algernon Chapter 1, and couldn’t pass a CORI test.

Looks like his son had a “rough time” graduating from high school.

This of course makes him the brains of the family.

But to the surprise of many his old man seems to be gainfully employed and was recently awarded the coveted employee of the month award at Summit Commons Rehabilitation & Health Care Center.

To the surprise of no one almost everyone who commented on Dad’s post agreed that the cops were in the wrong for literally being shot at by this altar boy.

Praying for him? For what? His post transition child wasn’t shot! The cop was!

One or two people out of the thousands of comments suggested that the felon out on bail for gun charges might’ve been at fault for carrying a gun around and then shooting it at a police officer in broad daylight. She was received exactly how you imagined she would be received.


Would anyone really care if North Korea nuked Providence? I think we can all agree it would be in the best interest of everyone, especially now that Fire and Ice is gone and there’s no reason to go there. Ever.


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