Fitchburg Man Films Himself Murdering A Turtle, Says It’s No Big Deal Because Chinese Restaurant Asked Him To


Here’s a 2018 Turtleboy story out of the Burg. 

Last year we blogged about Dorchester Devil Child Jonasia Simpson, who microwaved a turtle and put it on Facebook. It was horrific.

We found another disturbing turtle violence video today, and it might be even worse.

This is Austin Shook from Fitchburg:

And based on “the hat” I think we all know what direction this blog is going in. Except usually the ratchets we blog about MIGHT be redeemable. Not this societal fungus tough. This chud is such a waste of space that he not only rocks the flat brimmed Bulls hats, he’s got it on his Goddamn steering wheel!!

Which means he’s destined for a life of unpaid child support, if (big if) and when he ever finally gets to have unprotected sex with an actual woman.

Today, he and his butt bandit thunder buddy Raul Figueroa decided to film Austin kicking a turtle in the face for absolutely no reason. Warning – this is extremely hard to watch:


What an absolute psychopath. Don’t take my word for it, just ask his sister:

Make no doubt about it – he will kill someone some day. This is how they always start – with animal abuse. There was absolutely no reason for that. You have to be SICK IN THE HEAD to take pleasure in doing that to an animal. The poor freaking turtle was just standing there, living his life, and this sick fuck ends it in the most violent way possible. It makes my blood boil just watching it, and not just because I ride a turtle for a living. I really want this fupa factory to feel pain. I would never encourage anyone else to do that, but if he got hit by a truck tomorrow I would genuinely feel like a food stamp queen on the first of the month.

He also likes to threaten women on Facebook:

And the nudnik who filmed it is hardly any better. This is Raul Figueroa:

This is how he celebrates his child on Facebook:

Some people celebrate their kid’s birthday with some professionally done cake smash pictures. Other people decorate their daughters in Benjamins and make it their background image.

And Raul thinks what they did was OK because people shoot deer:

And when we messaged him this is what he said:

Yea, Chinese restaurants hire him to kill turtles with his foot on video, so they can then turn the turtle into soup. That’s how restaurants work. I know Ronald McDonald was running low on beef patties last week so he called me up and I curbstomped a cow on SnapChat.

I’m not sure what the Fitchburg Police can do, but the evidence is right there. Hopefully this violates some sort of animal cruelty law. This fupa fungus needs to be locked up and beaten like the waste of space he is.



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