Fitchburg Man Gets Drunk, Murders Roommate’s Dog While He’s At Work, Says He Did Nothing Wrong


This is Daniel Robichaud from Gardner.

He’s an unemployed drunk who couch surfs at his friend Ariyan Roman’s place in Fitchburg. On Tuesday while Ariyan was working in Hartford Dan decided to get drunk during the middle of the day and murder Ariyan’s 2 year old pit bull Athena.

Why do dog killers always look like Rian Waters?

Takes one to know one I suppose. This dog died in the exact same manner that Luna died at the hands of Rian Waters – blunt force trauma from being kicked. You can’t even begin to imagine the thought process of a person who would do something like this because they’re just pure evil. It’s really not more complicated than that.

Sometimes people send me story tips about people like this who are so vile that I don’t even bother blogging about them. What am I gonna say that everyone else isn’t already thinking? This maggot is a psychopath who kills animals for fun and will probably kill a person someday because they always start with animals. But no other media outlet has put this dog killing waste of space on blast, and I want this to come up for the rest of his life when people Google the name Daniel Robichaud.

Imagine getting up to go to work in the morning an hour and a half away from your home, and then you get a call from the guy you’re letting stay in your place informing you that your dog is probably dead? Then imagine sending someone over there to see what the problem is and she asks him to wrap the dog in a blanket, but instead of doing that he stares at the wall because he’s wasted at 1 in the afternoon. He’s not taking it too well.


I don’t know what relationship he had with Rian Waters Jr, but a quick look at Dan Robichaud’s criminal history could’ve told you that letting him move in was a bad idea. He already has charges of A&B in Gardner district court from earlier this year.

He got a CWOF, but ended up violating that in June when he was arrested for larceny over $250 in Ashburnham.


He also has a charge of witness intimidation out of Leominster District Court in 2020 that he received 2 years of probation with drug and alcohol screening for.


A few months after that he picked up another charge in Leominster for A&B on a family member, which might explain why he had to couch surf and mooch off his friends.


And he’s been known to be so hard to deal with that his court appointed attorneys quit on him.


He’s got an excuse for all this though.

Yea, don’t believe the fact that this douche train routinely goes around beating up family members, getting plastered, stealing from people, and killing dogs. He’s the victim here because his reputation is being hurt. Good luck in jail Danny. I’m sure no one in the House of Corrections has an affinity for pit bulls, so you should be good.


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