Fitchburg Man With History Of Domestic Violence, Gun Charges Being Honored As Great Father By Friends After Attempted Murder-Suicide Of Worcester Nurse Girlfriend 


A St. Vincent’s nurse was the victim of an attempted murder suicide in Worcester at the hands of her boyfriend Trey Mahone, and is reported to be in critical condition. Very little has been reported on this, and WCVB doesn’t even say their names.

However, this was posted on Facebook yesterday.

It hasn’t been reported anywhere that the victim is dead, nor has her name even been mentioned. A murder suicide involving a nurse, botched or not, should probably be covered by Masslive and the Telegram and Gazette, but of course neither has been. Fox 25 News did a story on it, but they don’t list the woman’s name and they’re trying to make you feel bad for the killer

Two families ripped apart, and hurting. Friends tell Boston 25 a couple moved into a Worcester apartment a few months ago. Off-camera, friends say they never really noticed anything off with any of them. They are described as both hard-working parents, trying to do the right thing for their kids. On Monday morning, just before 1 a.m., Worcester Police say a 25-year-old man shot his 27-year-old girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself.

Trying to do the right thing? He tried to kill his girlfriend and has a long and documented history of domestic violence. Sources tell us that the woman’s name is Megan McNeil, while the man who shot her was Trey Mahone from Fitchburg. Google his name and you’ll see that he spent his entire adult life terrorizing and abusing women.

I pulled up some of his arrest reports and they’re not pretty. On New Years Day he beat his girlfriend at the time with a wooden ladder, hitting her in the face.

Apparently they already had kids together because she’s posting about him all over her Facebook page today.

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This was the text message she allegedly got from him 26 hours ago.

Telling her that he loves her while living with another woman who he shot. Again, how is this not a bigger story? What was his motive? Usually when a man who shoots his girlfriend has text messages with another woman telling her that he loves her, that’s something the police investigate. At least that’s how it works on Dateline.

Last year he had a different girlfriend who was pregnant with his 4th or 5th child, and he was arrested for shoving her, putting a knife in her face, telling her he was going to slash her, threatening to light her apartment on fire, and taking her phone so she couldn’t call the Fitchburg Police.

He was found not guilty by Judge Meghan Spring (the one who threatened to hold me in contempt for watching a Zoom call two weeks ago) for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, presumably because the victim didn’t testify.

In 2015 Trey Mahone as arrested for attacking yet another girlfriend.

Trey Mahone, 20, of 75 Charles St., was charged with two counts of assault and battery on a family or household member, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and intimidation of a witness in connection with the alleged assault Sunday. According to the police report, the assault began after Mahone found the name of another man on the woman’s cellphone and became angry. Mahone began calling the woman names, slapped her, called her names and then tried to forcibly carry her back into the house, but she resisted, according to the police report. Mahone then became angrier, allegedly threw rocks at the woman, then took her phone and threw it in the trash, according to the police report.

Soon after, he went to the back of the house and allegedly loaded a gun, according to the police report. When the woman asked Mahone why he got the gun, he allegedly said he didn’t have one, but then allegedly said it “was not for her,” according to the police report. Mahone attempted to give back her phone and uniform, which he had also taken, but she said she didn’t want them because she thought he’d shoot her, according to the police report. Mahone then allegedly told the woman he “wanted to grab her and choke her and wanted her six-feet under in a casket,” according to the police report.

In December of 2019, just days before his arrest for beating his baby momma with a ladder, he was arrested on gun charges by the State Police.

At approximately 2:30 a.m. on Saturday Trooper Thomas Hashem, assigned to State Police-Athol, was patrolling Route 2 eastbound in Westminster. As he was approaching Exit 24 he observed a Honda Accord with an expired inspection sticker. Trooper Hashem activated his blue lights and stopped the vehicle between the on and off ramps at Exit 24. After the vehicle stopped Trooper Hashem approached the passenger side of the Honda and identified the operator as ANTOINE MITCHELL, 20, of Leominster and the passenger as TREY MAHONE, 24, of Fitchburg. After speaking to the men for several minutes Trooper Hashem discovered MITCHELL’s license to operate a motor vehicle was revoked. Trooper Robert Thompson then arrived on scene to assist.

Trooper Hashem requested a tow truck to respond to the scene as neither man had a license to operate the vehicle. MITCHELL and MAHONE were secured in the rear of the cruiser while the troopers conducted a tow inventory prior to the vehicle being removed. As soon as Trooper Hashem opened the driver’s door of the vehicle he immediately observed a large firearm sitting in plain sight on the floor. The firearm was identified as a Cobray CM-11 9mm with an extended magazine capable of holding well over 10 rounds of ammunition, the maximum limit in Massachusetts. Neither MITCHELL nor MAHONE possessed a license to carry firearms. Both men were then placed under arrest and a search of the vehicle was conducted. Trooper Thompson located a bag containing a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol. After the discovery of the second firearm the vehicle was towed from the scene.

If we lived in a state where gun laws and domestic violence were taken seriously he would’ve been kept in jail. Instead Judge Haley in Gardner gave him a free court appointed attorney and released him on personal recognizance.

According to court records his bail was revoked in February, but due to the COVID crisis he appears to have been released in April.

On July 29 a warrant was issued for his arrest out of Fitchburg.

Meanwhile check out all the love Trey Mahone is getting on his two Facebook pages Trey Ant and Trey Anthony.

Mental illness? He spent his entire adult existence terrorizing, abusing, and threatening to kill women. He killed himself because he was too much of a coward to own up what he did – possibly murder a nurse. He’s not Anthony Bourdain or someone struggling with voices in their head who kills themselves out of nowhere. And the fact that people are honoring this guy on his Facebook page without even mentioning that he shot his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself is everything that is wrong with this world today:

  • Violent criminals getting a million chances from lenient judges
  • Victims who stay silent and even support their abusers so they can continue to abuse again
  • Lack of enforcement of existing gun laws while pushing to restrict gun rights for law abiding citizens
  • Releasing prisoners because they’re scared of getting COVID
  • Lack of media coverage for all of the above
  • The fact that a white woman calling the cops on a black man in Central Park is an infinitely bigger news story than a black man killing women



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