Fitchburg Medstar Paramedic Caught By Pedo Vigilantes Answers Motel 6 Door Naked, Admits He Thought It Was 14 Year Old Boy


Editor’s Note: The paramedic in the video below is John Paul (JP) Antonio. He is an Iraq war veteran who recently split with his wife and children, has moved out of the Motel 6 in Leominster, and is no loner working for Fitchburg Medstar.


The Fitchburg vigilantes who started a YouTube channel dedicated to finding and shaming local pedophiles caught another diddler last night at the Motel 6 in Leominster. It’s one of the most disturbing videos yet because not only does the target open the door naked to greet what he thought was a 14 year old boy, he has a bunch of beer and Fitchburg paramedic shirt hanging up in plain view.

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They always look the same, don’t they?

This creep was planning on getting someone’s child drunk so he could have sex with them. Think about how deranged that is. What kind of parent would let their 14 year old child go to a motel on a Saturday night? Probably a deadbeat who neglects their child. That’s the kind of children that pedophiles prey on – those who don’t have parental support. Kids who may have been abused already. Disgusting.

Sources tell us that he works for Fitchburg’s Medstar Ambulance and the Leominster Police are investigating. In the meantime it would be a real shame if people contacted Medstar about this on Facebook.

I haven’t seen the text messages where he agreed to meet up with a child, but luckily I don’t have to because he confessed:

Fitchilante: “How old are you?”

Pedo Paramedic: “How old did I say I was?”

Fitchilante: “You said you were 14 which is really not good.”

Pedo Paramedic: “I said I was 14 years old right?”

Fitchilante: “Yup.”

I’m pretty certain I know his name, but I won’t print until I’m 100%. Someone out there must recognize him. If you do, please message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected] If he’s got Facebook then screenshot everything because you know it’s coming down. He is a predator and has no business being around kids.

I’m still amazed by how easy it is to catch these pedophiles. These two random dudes with a Grindr account have caught over 20 creeps in less than two months in just a few towns in northern Worcester county. This is a microcosm of a much larger problem. These people know the penalties but they do it anyway. That’s how dedicated they are to sexual abuse.

Some people are understandably skeptical of the pedo hunters, but the likes on this comment says it all:

Kent Geddes is the disgraced security guard who got caught in a February sting trying to bang a 15 year old boy. The fact that he’s still on Facebook and liking comments that criticize the pedo hunters tells you they’re doing something right.


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