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Fitchburg State Director Of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Reacts To Rittenhouse Verdict With Email Offering Segregated Processing Spaces For “Wrongful Death” Of Jacob Blake And Rioters


The reactions to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict from the left are somehow worse than I thought they would be.

These aren’t fringe lunatics. They are the face of the Democratic party. They control some of the biggest state governments in the country, and they are intentionally using their social media platforms to lie to the public and increase racial animus. They do this because they know it’s what their supporters want to hear. People will die because of their rhetoric and they will take no responsibility for it.

Not a single one of these people actually watched the trial. If they did they’d know that Rittenhouse was being attacked, that the people he killed chased after him because Rittenhouse was attempting to put out fires and prevent the destruction of his town, and that they were rioters and losers, not racial justice advocates. This is the person they are defending.

“Shoot me, n***a.” – Racial Justice advocate and 5 time convicted child rapist Joe Rosenbaum.

I lost almost 100 followers on Facebook and Twitter yesterday due to my support of Rittenhouse, and let me be very clear – I couldn’t be happier. If you support BLM, rioting mobs, and child rapists, then you are not the kind of person I want to be associated with. Quite frankly I don’t know why you were following me in the first place. However, I hereby invite anyone who disagrees with me and wants to discuss the case to come on the Live Show tonight. Quite frankly I’m sick of the social media postings. Discuss it openly using your voice or nothing you say matters.

Anyway, this is Fitchburg State’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness.

He/him/his collects a taxpayer funded salary to incite racial division, promote racism, and lie to students and faculty. After the unanimous jury verdict, in the most obvious case of self defense in the history of law and order in which a 17 year old boy defended his life by shooting 3 white criminals, Junior Pena fired out this email to all students and staff.

Here are the most obvious lies from that email:

  1. He wasn’t “not guilty,” he was just not guilty. A jury of his peers who were presented with the facts unanimously agreed to that.
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse’s Dad lived in Kenosha and he worked there.
  3. His mom lived 20 miles away, which is closer to Kenosha than any of the people he killed justifiably.
  4. It doesn’t matter where he lives.
  5. Joseph Rosenbaum was rioting, assaulting men with guns, and yelling racial slurs. He was not peacefully protesting.
  6. Anthony Huber hit Rittenhouse in the head with a 10 pound skateboard (5 times heavier than a bat) while he was lying on the ground on his back, before being shot in self defense.
  7. Antifa Gage was on probation and could not carry a gun in public, but he did anyway and admitted on the witness stand that he pointed it at Kyle’s head.
  8. Jacob Blake was a rapist who stuck his fingers inside the mother of his children after breaking into her home while she was sleeping, pulled his fingers out of her, and accused him of cheating on him by saying “smells like other men.”
  9. Jacob Blake was not killed, so his death is not wrongful because he never died. He is alive and in a wheelchair, where he is unable to rape anyone else ever again.
  10. Jacob Blake was not wrongfully shot. He himself admitted on an interview with Michael Strahan that he had a knife in his hand when he was shot, he assaulted officers after his rape victim called the police on him, and he was attempting to steal a van full of children who could’ve easily died had the heroic cop not immobilized the rapist.

Junior Pena and the email he sent is the living embodiment of critical race theory. This is what it does – divides people by race. A white person shot three white people and the official policy of Fitchburg State is to separate people by race in order to discuss the shooting. This is segregation, it’s dangerous, it’s racist, and it’s immoral.

Colleges and universities everywhere employ people like Junior Pena to send emails like this, which drives up the cost of tuition for everyone. Look at his job duties:

“Facilitates identity based dialogues.”

Translation – separates people into groups based on skin color, something they cannot control.

“Contributes to campus wide equity and inclusion efforts.”

You’re not inclusive if you’re banning people from groups based on race. This is a critical component of CRT.

Pena has removed his LinkedIn and Twitter, presumably because he has received blowback from this email. Prior to it being taken down he had his work history listed:

“Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs.”

This is a man who needs jobs like this to be created just for him, because he is untalented, has no skills, brings no value to any company, and thus can only work in the radical world of academia where positions like this are created so that that the Junior Pena’s of the world don’t become destitute. He would not have this job if he were white, he will do this the rest of his life, he will be paid well, and he will still complain that he lives in an oppressive society. Stop wasting your money sending your kids to schools like this.

Just to review, Fitchburg State supports:

  • White child rapists
  • White domestic abusers
  • White men who carry guns illegally at riots
  • Men who rape black women and try to kidnap their children
  • Separating students and faculty by race
  • Promoting racism and divisiveness

Fitchburg State does not support:

  • The Bill of Rights
  • Legal gun rights
  • Self defense
  • Law and order
  • Fair trials
  • Due process

Junior Pena is an employee of Fitchburg State and his words and actions represent the University. Please feel free to contact Vice President Student Affairs Laura Bayless, and President Richard Lapidus to see if they support these divisive, racist lies, and the racist segregation of the FSU community.

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