Flamboyant Owner Of Swanky Manchester Nightclub Stiffs Cleaning Lady Who Scrubbed His Townhouse Toilet, Blames Coronavirus Despite Hiring Her In Mid February


This is Thomas Svoleantopoulos, owner of the Manchester nightclub Whiskey’s 20.

If mid-life crisis had a face.

A creepy looking Greek juicehead who’s way too old to be going out and overcompensates by wearing t-shirts that are 2 sizes too small, who found a way to incorporate the word “whiskey” into his nightclub. How original.

Tommy Gunn, as he calls himself (yes, he stole his own nickname from a porn star), presents himself as a wealthy playboy on social media, and always has a haram of young, loose moraled women who look like they are perpetually celebrating their 21st birthdays.

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As you can see, he is a bad stereotype. His bar is one of those places that charges way too much for a rum and coke so that you can have your ear drums blown out by the music and get rejected by a bunch of Manchester 8’s who are only interested in sleeping with shady Greek dudes who can make them feel like New Hampshire celebrities.

Thomas came to my attention after he was publicly shamed in a viral Facebook post for hiring a cleaning service to clean his new townhouse back in February, but never ended up paying for the 5-6 hours job at the discount rate he was given.

That post has now been shared way over 600 times, which normally is good enough to shame the subject into either abandoning Facebook altogether, or making it right.

Not this gypsy gyro though. He showed up on the woman’s page and explained why he didn’t have the money.

Sorry cleaning lady, you’ll have to wait until Uncle Sam bails this Facebook wealthy baller out. Even though he hired you a month before the coronavirus shut his business down, and even though you were hired to clean his townhouse, not his business.

Here’s an idea – if you can’t afford to pay your cleaning lady then maybe don’t drive around in an E-Class Mercedes.

Or own a club where a bottle of liquor for $100 is considered a deal.

(I hate any bar or club that has a “VIP” section. It’s just a way for mediocre people living paycheck to paycheck to pretend like they aren’t white trash).

This guy flashes expensive watches and acts like he’s some sort of big shot, but in reality he’s just an old gray haired man who’s too lazy to clean his own toilet and can’t afford to pay someone to do it either.

According to some of the commenters, those aren’t the only bills he’s missing.

Shocking that this guy has crotch fruits he failed to tend to.

Yet this man who seems to pack his club every weekend and sell his customers overpriced drinks, can’t pay a basic cleaning bill until he gets his PPG loan.

Small businesses have been hit the hardest? Yea, good thing one woman running her own cleaning company isn’t considered a small business.

This guy simply cannot stop crying about how mean the government was to him, even though it has nothing to do with why he didn’t pay his cleaning bill from a month before the lockdown.

But I guess impressing which ever one of those Southern New Hampshire University rejects is his 20 year old girlfriend is more important than making sure the cleaning lady gets paid.

Then he started complaining about being $650K in debt.

So you can afford to pay millions of dollars in taxes and operating expenses for your business, but you can’t afford to pay the woman who cleaned your toilets? Yea that clears things up. And the fact that you claim to owe $650K doesn’t make you sound like either a liar, or a drug dealer. Not at all.

This guy always deflects to make himself look like a compassionate philanthropist getting screwed by the government.

Sir, just because you come from a country that’s perpetually bankrupt doesn’t mean you have to act like you are here.

On Christmas he whined about the Manchester Police allegedly killing his “unarmed father.”

But it was really just meant for people to feel bad for him so they’d come to his nightclub on New Years Eve and blow their money.

And for all the people who reached out to him to show support, you’re on the VIP list when he opens again.

If you buy a $100 bottle of booze he might be able to pay back the cleaning lady.

When the government first shut everything down he claimed that he would have his employees’ backs, and said he would be “at their service.”

Except for the cleaning lady. She can pound sand.

Hey Feta Cheese Freddie, if you really need help why don’t you call yup your good friend Governor Sununu.

What good was campaigning for him if you can’t call in a favor?

Anyway, thanks to all the people who tagged me in this post, because exposing deadbeats like this who take advantage of hard working people is literally what I live for every day I wake up.


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