Florida Resident Files Complaint Against Me Alleging Campaign Finance Fraud For Not Charging Myself Money To Advertise My Campaign On My Blog


The Holden School Committee election is on Monday, just 3 days away, and I need your help. If you live in Holden, I would be honored to have your vote. If you don’t know what precinct to vote at feel free to contact me and I’ll tell you. I will be at all the polling places Monday morning and afternoon, and if you would like to join me then send me a DM or email [email protected] I’d like to have a presence at all 4 polling places.

If you don’t live in Holden and would like to help you’re more than welcome to hold signs. If you know anyone in Holden, please text them on Monday to remind them to vote for the following:

Aidan Kearney

Barry Dellecese

George Kamniski

Getting one good person on the School Committee isn’t nearly as effective as getting 3. Don’t forget what they did to our kids by refusing to reopen schools. It’s an unforgivable act and anyone who was on board with it must be replaced.

Also, as much as I hate giving this guy attention because he’s clearly mentally ill, former Worcester City Councillor Michael Gaffney has filed a complaint against me with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, despite living in Florida.

He believes I am required to charge myself money to “advertise” my campaign by urging people to vote for me on a blog I own. He alleges that I am a criminal who’s hiding $4,000 in campaign contributions (from myself), because my show and blog are so valuable that even mentioning my campaign on those platforms is worth that much money. And he has receipts from when I used to charge him money for banner ads to advertise his campaign and law firm on my site as proof. He also thinks I’m covering for Barry and George by endorsing them on my blog without charging them, and wants them investigated as well.

This very, very unwell disgraced city councillor who can’t stop thinking about me, tried unsuccessfully to sue me, also spent thousands of dollars sending fliers all around town about me, but it hasn’t worked out the way he hoped. He also is required to sign his emails with “not licensed in the state of Florida,” after a turtle rider filed a complaint with the bar against him.

But they can never take away that 2016 Best City Councillor Award that I wont for him.

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Speaking of finances, it should be noted that he sent me a demand letter in August on behalf of his client Kate Peter, demanding that I remove factual blogs about her, and vowed to sue if I did not. It’s been nine months, and Kate Peter raised over $3,000 in donations for that lawsuit, but I have yet to be sued. She keeps saying that the lawsuit is coming in order to make her followers believe that they weren’t scammed by her, but I think we all know by this point that there will never be a lawsuit.


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