Former Boston Mayoral Candidate John Connolly Denounces Police And Blue Lives Matter Protesters In West Roxbury For Being Racially Insensitive


Pro-police demonstrators held a blue lives matter rally in West Roxbury yesterday, but when black lives matter found out they made plans to disrupt it.


Always a good sign when your newsletter starts off with “dear comrades.” Supporting cops is racist, and any event that isn’t explicitly in support of their radical movement that wants to abolish police, jails, capitalism, and the nuclear family, is racist.

“This is for Rayshard Brooks.”

The fact that they’re organizing for a monster who abused his own children, drove drunk, assaulted cops, and tased them with their own lethal weapon, tells you everything you need to know about black lives matter.

It ended up going down yesterday with people yelling black lives matter and blue lives matter back and forth in a rotary.

This one about sums up the madness of BLM.

A white Antifa terrorist harassing a black man there to support his country and the police, and calling him a racist.

Look at all these racist patriots!!

Another West Roxbury resident who noticed the protest was this man.

Former Boston City Councilor turned non-profit director John Connolly. He’s most famous for being the guy who lost to Marty Walsh during his first mayoral run in 2013, so obviously then he has life by the balls.

Connolly felt like he needed to jump in and post his dismay about the protest.

What a virtue signaling queef. I never thought I’d say this, but Boston might’ve dodge a bullet getting Marty Walsh. At least he’s just an idiot. Let’s break down the insanity of this post.

I am devastated by what happened in West Roxbury tonight. The ignorant, insensitive rally disrespects everyone, especially our black neighbors and neighbors of color in West Roxbury.

A peaceful protest honoring police disrespects black people, but associating with a group that wants to abolish the existence of the police (BLM) isn’t disrespectful? This black woman sure seems like she feels disrespected by blue lives matter protesters.

You have to be a racist scumbag you to assume that black people fear police because you believe they are predisposed to commit crimes.

There are so many cops in this neighborhood whom I like and respect, and consider friends. Some of you have known me since I was a kid. I grew up with many of you. I’ve coached and taught your children, and you’ve coached and taught mine. That’s why it made me so upset to see many of you involved in such an insensitive stunt tonight.

Newsflash – they all hate you.

The laws and policies of this country already protect police.

What law or policy is protecting Garrett Wolfe from a malicious, politically charged prosecution? What policy protected Michael Chesna? What policy protected the 5 Dallas cops who were murdered by a black lives matter protester in 2016?

Your job is extremely hard, and I am thankful you put your lives on the line to protect the peace. But you are entrusted with a great amount of power to do your job. So I expect more from you.

Translation – cops have no right to exercise their First Amendment rights and join a protest that honors them while they are under attack by the hate group that John Connolly panders to.

I know many police officers weren’t involved in tonight’s rally. For those that were, it was a disturbing show of political power to protect the status quo. You should be decrying police brutality, and supporting common sense reform of our police departments. But you used your power in numbers tonight to define our neighborhood in a way that shows such tone deafness, such unawareness of Boston’s history, and such a lack of empathy for black parents and parents of color who have to have “the talk” with their children that white parents never have to have.

Peaceful protesting disturbs John Connolly? Funny, it wasn’t disturbing when 50,000 people were marching, rioting, and looting in Boston two weeks ago.

Does this buffoon really think you can’t decry police brutality, support “common sense reform,” AND still support good police officers?

A sitting Boston City Councilor is meeting with a group called “F*** the Police Boston.” Maybe if you showed them some respect they wouldn’t feel the need to protest.

You don’t speak for me… and you don’t speak for West Roxbury.

Neither do you chubs.

Here’s a campaign photo he used while running for Mayor in 2013.

He liked the Boston Police then because it was cool to do so after the Marathon Bombing. But that went out the window because of a rogue cop in Minnesota, and now people who support the police are racists who want black people to be murdered. This is the divisive message being spread by racist bigot John Connolly.


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