Former Danielson Stripper And Heroin Dealer Explains Why It’s Not Racist For Her To Use The N Word All The Time On Facebook


Aleah Talbot is a retired Danielson, CT stripper who has been featured on TB multiple times for such things as narcotics warrants, driving into stuff on the highway while intoxicated, and driving around with 86 bags of heroin.

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She’s been a guest on Jerry Springer, during which time she told her “fiance” that she was taking the pipe from his junkbox friend, who may or may not be a homeless man who stole flowers from another guest backstage.

She frequently responds to WINY Radio posts shaming her and has told people that she hopes their children become drug addicts like her, claims to be sober, has kids of her own, and hypocritically smears other women who have the same sort of habits that she does.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.33.10 AM

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She even vowed to hire Attorney Richard N. Vulva and sue Turtleboy.

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However, she must still be working on the lawsuit because I have yet to receive the summons.

Two years ago today she was once again featured on TB for trying to buy food stamps, and claimed that doing so was “for a good cause.”


Aleah has decided this time to chime in on social and racial issues, but instead of beginning her rant with “I’m not racist but,” she elected to go with “I’m racist but.”

My understanding of this sentagraph is that although she is racist against all black people, she is still morally superior to people who are only racist against some black people. But I’m not fluent in Ratchetese so I can’t be sure.

In this day and age people get dragged by the Internet for posting “all lives matter,” so you can imagine that posting a hard n bomb like that will make the mob turn on you rather quickly. When the mob goes after the “all lives matter” crew it’s like lions hunting a healthy wildebeest. Going after people who drop hard n bombs is like lions hunting paraplegic newborn zebras.

Aleah wanted to explain herself but to the surprise of no one she just made it much, much worse.

Yea, don’t you get it? The n word was a term that used to degrade and dehumanize black people. But that was only because they couldn’t read or write, and thus they were stupid. Now that black people can go to school and read books it’s an acceptable term to call anyone you deem to be illiterate. Someone like this perhaps.

She realized that she didn’t articulate her viewpoint effectively, and the only way to fix that was to basically write the same thing again but in CAPS LOCK VOICE.

History lessons with Aleah are fun.

Finally she explained why it’s not racist to use the term all lives matter.

And although I agree that there’s nothing racist about saying all lives matter, perhaps the woman who freely drops n bombs multiple times in ALL CAPS shouldn’t be the person explaining this.


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