Former El Paso Cop Bans Boston Police From Using Berklee College Bathrooms Because It “Oppresses, Silences, And Marginalizes” Students Of Color 


Berklee College is an overpriced music school that steals money from naive 18 year olds who think they have a future as musicians. They graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans and can’t pay them back with their degree in transgender trombones because this is not something that gets you hired at companies that pay money. They are tax exempt and receive huge endowments, and last week they announced that the biggest problem they’re choosing to tackle is the epidemic of police officers using their bathrooms while protecting the city during riots.

If you’re a college president and a student contacts you and says they were “hurt” or “betrayed” because a police officer had to go to the bathroom, then you should laugh in their faces and never, ever stop. Because they are children and no rational adult should ever take them seriously.

But of course these pathetic, pandering cowards did the exact opposite. They apologized to the spoiled, wealthy, elitist, useless slugs they call “students,” for “perpetuating feelings of oppression, silencing, and marginalization.”

How are you oppressed by a cop taking a leak if you’re attending a school that costs $50K a year to attend? Would you rather he wear a diaper? I hope Boston Police urinate on Berklee buildings whenever possible now to send a message. What can they do? Call the cops?

I can understand President Roger H. Brown cowering to a mob like this. I mean, just look at this pathetic looking beta cuck.

That’s the kind of guy who lets you make love to his wife as a form of reparations. He probably makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the entitled students who pay his salary, so he has to keep them happy. He’s scamming them.

To an extent I can understand CFO Mac Hissey doing the same.

His job is completely unnecessary and is funded by the the fees that these morons fork over to learn how to play the flute.

But David Ransom is the police chief on campus.

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What a disgrace to the badge. This guy actually served as an El Paso cop for 20 years and rose to the ranks of Lt. But apparently doing real police work wasn’t his thing so he moved to Massachusetts where he could get a job that doesn’t require much work, and he could completely sell himself out until he retires on a full pension.

This school is just a couple hundred yards away from the Boston Marathon bombing, where BPD’s finest ran into the unknown to save the lives of dozens of people who had their legs blown off. How quickly we forget. Disgusting.


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