Former MSP Trooper Leigha Genduso Says Her Story Was Purchased For A Movie, Still Presenting Herself As Police On IG


Former Massachusetts State Trooper turned bartender Leigha Genduso has had a rough couple years after we discovered that she was a drug dealer who avoided jail time by testifying against her ex-boyfriend Sean Bucci. In January we published a blog about the book that she wrote, which was a pretty wild read. The TL;DR was that she did nothing wrong, she slept with pretty much anyone who could help her gain power, she had an abortion and then judged other women who had abortions but didn’t take it as seriously as she did, she couldn’t believe her former colleagues wouldn’t openly associate with her anymore, and she repeatedly referred to Turtleboy as a “scumbag blogger” who ruined her life.

book (1)

I couldn’t believe she made the book free, as I certainly would’ve paid to read it. But I didn’t realize until I read that book just how ratchet Leigha Genduso really was. Now that she is no longer a LEO she was free to show us all her true colors, which made it more egregious that this woman was allowed to arrest people for selling drugs on the K-9 unit, simply because she was dating a disgraced former Lt. Colonel.

By the looks of her IG it appears as if she still pretends to be a cop. A couple weeks back she posted pictures of herself wearing a MSP hoodie, looking for missing person with her dog.

She’s also posted videos of herself in what appears to be a school, training a dog on how to find drugs in lockers.

I think it would be best if Leigha Genduso just avoided any involvement in the law enforcement side of drug dealing. Considering her past history as a drug dealer it seems hypocritical for her to actively assist in arresting people for drugs when she avoided prison by sending Sean Bucci to jail for 12 years by testifying that she was his business partner.

I have give it to her though – her post cop transformation has been great on the eyes.

She should’ve been an IG model instead of a cop. Posting sexy pictures of yourself on social media is a job now thanks to Bruce Jenner’s offspring.

Yesterday she announced the big news that she’s going to be a movie star, in a film that will be bigger than The Departed.

You can’t see whatever the production company is that she’s alleging bought the rights to her story and is making a movie out of it, but I have a hard time believing Leigha Genduso would ever lie about anything. It’s not like she’s perjured herself while acting as a state’s witness against her ex-boyfriend in order to avoid jail time.

Honestly, I hope it is true. I wish Leigha Genduso nothing but the best in life. I don’t want her to be destitute, but she just had no business being a state trooper. She also was the only one who went down for that, even though she was hired by the very agency that previously investigated her, which was ridiculous. For that reason I hope she tries to profit off of all of this, because it’s a wild stor, and I’d be the first in line to see the movie. I just worry that she still thinks she’s some sort of victim, because she’s clearly not, and she’s going to be just fine at the end of the day.


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