Former North Attleboro State Rep Candidate And Current Nursing Home Employee Matt Trowbridge Caught Trying To Have Sex With 14 Year Old Boy


Update – Pedophile Matt Trowbridge is also a Santa Claus for hire with pictures of kids on his lap. Click here to read the follow up.

Matthew Trowbridge is a democratic politician from North Attleborough who once ran for state rep against Republican incumbent Betty Poirier, but ended up dropping out of the race.

His big thing back then was making sure gay marriage was legalized, but since then Macklemore won a Grammy so that’s all fixed and he’s got nothing to do now.  He was crooning for Grandmas at an old folks home, but no longer holds that position.

When Matt isn’t bringing nice old ladies on trips down memory lane you can find him on Grindr looking for young boys to prey on. We know this because he was the latest catch of the Predator Poachers of Massachusetts. He has since taken down his profile on Grindr and Facebook, but screenshots are forever.

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Before the meet up he sent the poachers messages in the chat logs verifying that the imaginary kid he was trying to meet up with for sex was in fact a 14 year old boy.

As you can see he was quite excited about the prospect of raping a child. He asked when the child’s mother would be getting home, because clearly he knew what he was doing was wrong.

In the most explicit way possible he explained exactly what he wante this 14 year old child to do.

Ball worship is new level pedophilia.

Since Matt carries himself as a well respected member of society he didn’t bother putting up much of a fight and immediately ran out when he realized he had been set up.

“Aww dude.”

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That moment you realize that not only are you leaving with a bad case of blue balls, your life is also officially over.

I’ve seen many of these busts before, and almost always the pedophiles try to talk their way out of it. Not Matt Trowbridge though. He was smart enough to realize that there was no possible way to explain those messages and he ran for the hills and drove out of there faster than any pedo yet to date.

Another great catch by the predator poachers. I don’t care what people say, I like the work they do. They’ve gotten several people charged, and even if they don’t end up in a courtroom their lives are officially over after they get exposed as the predators they are. This guy has probably done this with tons of boys before and likely ruined their lives so that he can satiate himself. Now everyone will hear the name Matt Trowbridge and instantly think “pedophile.” That’s not quite justice, but it’s a start.


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