Former Stoneham Detective Arrested And Charged With Wire Fraud One Month After Being Exposed On Turtleboy For Rental Fraud And Evictions


The former Stoneham detective sergeant we wrote about last month for not paying his rent at multiple apartments and lying about his salary in order to obtain rental assistance, was arrested and charged today in federal court with wire fraud:

A former detective sergeant for the Stoneham Police Department has been arrested and charged for allegedly providing false information in rental applications to fraudulently obtain three separate apartment leases for which he intentionally withheld rent payments. Robert Kennedy, 53, of Stoneham, was charged with one count of wire fraud. Kennedy will appear in federal court in Boston at 10:30 AM today. 

According to the charging document, Kennedy defrauded his last three landlords by providing materially false and misleading information in his rental applications to obtain the respective apartment leases. After moving in, it is alleged that Kennedy would intentionally withhold rent payments, despite making $141,000 – $187,000 a year from the Stoneham Police Department. As a result, Kennedy lived in the apartments rent-free by allegedly taking advantage of the slow eviction process.  

Specifically, it is alleged that Kennedy defrauded his most recent landlord by submitting materially false and fraudulent information during the rental application process. The landlord required Kennedy to submit to a tenant screening service, which included a credit check and eviction history check. Instead of providing his own date of birth and social security number to the tenant screening service – which would likely have shown Kennedy’s history of collections, delinquent payments, defaults and evictions – Kennedy allegedly provided the date of birth and social security number of a relative who shared his first and last name. The landlord relied on the information from the fraudulently obtained tenant screening report to approve Kennedy’s rental application and give Kennedy a lease for the apartment. It is further alleged that Kennedy immediately and intentionally violated the terms of the lease by giving the landlord bad checks for his rent and security deposit and failing to make subsequent rent payments. Kennedy lived in the apartment for approximately four months without making rent payments and currently owes the landlord approximately $14,000 in overdue rent.

I wonder if he still wants to meet me for coffee?

Bob Kennedy is a pathological liar and a career conman. The only thing he knows how to do is deceive people, and his plan was to meet with me and try to win me over by telling me what a fan he was and how he appreciates my support of police, and blah, blah, blah. But I’m the guy you can’t con like that (only women sometimes have that ability), so he wisely chose not to meet with me.

Being a degenerate gambler was the only explanation for why a man who made the money that he made didn’t pay his rent. Our sources tell us that Bob Kennedy is banned from Encore Casino because he used his badge to get a room and comps, but then never paid his tab. Sources tell us that he is in the hole for at least $80K, and that he cashed out his vacation time for $13K and blew it at Foxwoods the next weekend.

Kennedy still has not given a dime to his current landlords. He moved in, gave them a check for first and last mont’s rent, and they bounced. From there he and his girlfriend Juliann Limone did what they always do – make up more lies and force the landlords to pursue a lengthy and expensive eviction process.

As usual, Turtleboy exposes wrongdoing, influential people in power read about it, and action is taken. This is what muckraking journalism used to be, and I’m happy to say that we’re one of the only media outlets doing that these days.



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