Former Telegram Columnist Dianne Williamson Trolls Turtleboy About Mental Health Struggles During Mid-Day Bender


I haven’t heard from disgraced former Turtlegram and Gazette columnist Dianne “Pinot Crazy-Ho” Williamson since she last messaged me three years ago during a mid-day wine bender to tell me how disappointed my children were in me.

This time she wanted to mock me for being open about my mental health struggles.

These people are all very sick, but they have one thing in common – they hate their lives. Every day I get to wake up to two wonderful kids, send them off to school, and then work on my fulfilling job of entertaining and bringing joy to people. Dianne Williamson wakes up to a sad house in Worcester full of cat urine, a graveyard of empty box wine, and a Rod Blagojevich haircut.

Oh how times have changed.

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Guess she hasn’t gotten over that time we blogged about her for fat shaming her tow truck driver, who changed her tire even though she didn’t have Triple A.

I’m not even mad that she’d be this vile and disgusting. I’ve seen a lot of it over the years, especially lately. I have struggled with mental health for a long time, and it’s certainly gotten worse over the years, but I’ve learned how to deal with panic attacks, and overwhelming depression and anxiety. I have people I can call now, and therapy is the best thing I’ve ever done for my overall health. For me, talking about my issues openly has been the best medicine, and I’ve gotten hundreds, if not thousands of messages from turtle riders dealing with similar issues.

I don’t discuss aspects of my personal life for a reason – it’s personal, and none of your business. I don’t write about people in blogs for making choices in their personal lives that I don’t agree with, because that’s none of my business. I write about people who actively work to hurt innocent people. If I was abusing my kids and losing half of them to DCF then I’d be a huge hypocrite for writing about that. But I’m not, so we are not the same.

Critics often bring up a Live Show from a couple years ago in which I allegedly tried to talk a man into suicide as evidence that I’m a hypocrite. This is not what happened. A heroin dealer named Dawson Boston came on the Live Show and attempted to weaponize suicide against me. He told me that he was going to kill himself for the sole purpose of sending me to prison, because he believed that doing so would lead to my arrest for the crime of blogging about his arrest for dealing heroin. He wasn’t suicidal, he was mocking suicide, so I mocked him for it. He kills innocent people by selling them a substance that slowly destroys their lives. I write blogs about bad people doing bad things. These things are not the same.


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