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Poor Behavior

Former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney Is Living The Dream In Florida With New Mistress, Wife, And Car He Likes More Than Both Of Them


A little over a year ago disgraced former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney paid to send every house in Holden a libelous post card calling me a pedophile.

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Gaffney’s antics then read this to catch up. The TL;DR with him is that TB almost got him elected Mayor in 2015, then he became arrogant and lost his mind somewhere along the way, he began making cringe YouTube videos, he dropped out of the election, we didn’t endorse him, and then he sued us for losing the election and the lawsuit dragged on for a year. The highlight was the hilarious deposition in which I got to call him a loser and a dick, and it was all on record.

I thought we’d never get rid of Milky Mike because he’s completely insane. But then he resurfaced during the Bristol fiasco when he contacted them about advertising, and she famously said, “I’d take his money” after bemoaning how evil Turtleboy is for trying to make money.

Well, I just wanted to share a little update on our old friend after seeing this amazing picture shared by his wife Coreen.

Oh. My. God.

It’s so Gaffney it hurts. These two Worcester celebrities have brought their talents to Florida where they’re apparently trying out for the remake of Miami Vice. As you can see, she’s had some work done and he’s still the awkward looking d-bag with the forced smile trying badly to pull off the white boy Andrew Yang look.

But wait, there’s a twist.

Yes, that’s right – Gaffney has another mistress. This is almost the exact same thing he did when he was suing me. He dumped Coreen, got a mistress, told her he was in love with her, then went running back to Coreen who took him with open arms because she doesn’t have a modicum of respect for herself. I remember one glorious court date Coreen, Milky Mike, and the mistress (that sounds like a band) showed up to Uxbridge District Court together and sat down together like a bad episode of Sister Wives.

There’s several pictures of Gaffney and the new goomah together that Coreen has actually liked. But she’s constantly throwing shade at the mistress with passive-aggressive posts like this.

The Panama Canal isn’t as wide as the gap between those gerber serves.

It’s like a real life soap opera.

But I have bad news for both of them – there’s one lady who will always have his heart over all else.

If Amanda is reading this, please take some advice from me – RUN!! You do not want this to be your future.


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