Foxborough High School Hired Teacher Who Recorded Himself Having Sex With Children But At Least He’s Vaccinated 


This is Foxborough High School special ed teacher Thomas Davis.


And Julian Pedolman here has a thing for home made kiddie porn.

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He also has two adopted daughters.

And he has previously worked in the Sharon Public Schools, working with special ed 6th graders, who are much more likely to have emotional issues that would make them vulnerable to sexual assault from a teacher.

But I have good news for parents in Foxboroguh – he’s vaccinated.

Thank goodness! A child could’ve gotten seriously hurt if he didn’t get the vaccine! Three days ago the Foxborough School Committee voted unanimously to force children to wear masks at school, because protecting children from this virus is clearly a priority for the FPS. Protecting them from sexual deviants who rape children? Ehhh, that’t not really a priority at the moment. This is a pandemic after all. Children’s lives are on the line. It’s not like this same district had another former teacher charged with the same crime a few years ago.

Perhaps if the public schools cared as much about your kid getting raped by their teacher as they do making sure they can’t breathe in school, then they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about hiring sexual predators. Imagine our country put half the effort into stopping the spread of a virus that doesn’t kill children as it did into other things, like coming up with an efficient plan for evacuating Americans from third world hellholes so as not to be killed by terrorist groups, or figuring out how to not hire child rapists to be special ed teachers?

I said it before and I’ll say it again – this is not a serious country. If it was then we wouldn’t have elected a man with obvious signs of dementia to run it. The main priority of our country isn’t to curb the opiate epidemic, protect American lives, do something about the obesity epidemic that’s allowed the virus to wreak havoc on our country in particular, or protect children from being sexually assaulted. The main priority of our country is to stop imaginary white supremacy, label half the population as domestic terrorists, coerce tech companies to censor dissenting opinions on personal medical decisions, get healthy people to take a vaccine they don’t want or need, and make sure your child is masked 24/7.

covid-19-shot-card copy

If this were a serious country that seriously believed that kids could kill other people by spreading COVID, and that wearing a mask would prevent that from happening, then our schools would treat a student’s refusal to wear a mask the same way it would if a student brought a loaded gun to school. If spreading COVID by not wearing a mask kills people then it’s actually more dangerous for a kid to take their mask off in school than it is to bring a gun to school. You have a choice to fire the gun, but you don’t have a choice to breathe. Until schools start expelling students who remove their masks then it shows they are not serious about stopping the spread of COVID, because they know that masks are primarily theater, and COVID isn’t a serious threat to children.

I don’t want kids to get expelled for removing their mask, but I’ve just had enough with the inconsistencies and illogical reasoning regarding COVID prevention practices. An email I received from a high school teacher sums it up better than I could, and offers advice for students who don’t want to comply:

The mask mandate has a rarely mentioned exemption. You don’t have to wear a mask if there’s medical or DISCIPLINARY reason. Schools report their out of school suspensions to the state and come under fire when those get too high. It’s why anybody who has ever worked in a high school knows that in-school suspension is a horrible idea (you disrupted class by screaming penis for 10 minutes so tomorrow you get to go to a private room and nap all day). In-school suspensions don’t get reported like out of school suspension. BUT the militant MTA and all school unions will not stand for a teacher being placed in a room with an unmasked student all day long.

Every kid should take their mask off and when they meet with an administrator tell them that they would rather be suspended than wear a mask. One kid- maybe. 20 kids in one week, they will get the discipline exemption. This will catch on like wild fire.

For me kids will have to wear masks in my classroom. And even if I don’t push the desks together, the kids will be closer than 6 feet apart. Then after 44 minutes they will go to the cafeteria, sit elbow to elbow at round tables, take their masks off and eat and talk. Then they will return to my room with masks on. Covid must know that we made cafeterias off limits to super spreaders.

Schools wouldn’t dare suspend or expel your child from school for not wearing a mask, because they know that spreading COVID isn’t a big deal. A child can kill their classmates with a gun, but they can’t kill them by breathing COVID on them. The last thing any school wants is a whole bunch of out of school suspensions, so do what this teacher suggests and dare them to suspend you. Take the in-house if they give it to you and refuse to wear the mask in there. Teachers will complain about unsafe working conditions and no one will want to be the in-house supervisor. Schools will have to decide if they’re serious about this or not, and we all know they’re not.

It’s up to the students now to cause some “good trouble.”


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