Framingham High School Administration Sends Email To Parents Claiming Viral Video Doesn’t Show Students Having Oral Sex In Cafeteria


Framingham High School sent home an email to parents addressing a video that was circulating on social media showing actions that were “mistaken for inappropriate sexualized behavior,” but then went on to say that all students involved were met with consequences.

Which is weird, because if you didn’t do anything wrong then what are the consequences for?

Well, we obtained the video in question, which doesn’t show anything graphic, and we’ll let you decide what these two lovebirds were doing in full view of other students.

I mean…..


The girl’s head is going up and down repeatedly and his hands are in his lap as he’s looking down at her.

He finally looks up and realizes he’s being recorded….

And he takes his hands away from his lap and starts pretending to do her hair.

I guess she qualifies for free lunch. You let these kids take their masks off for a week and this is what they do with their freedom.

So if she’s not smoking his pole then how did they explain this one to the principal? She often bends over in the laps of boys so they can give her a pony tail? Maybe she was double checking his gender pronouns. Did Principal Carolyn Banach actually believe whatever excuse they came up with, or did they all agree to stick with the lie together because it would be bad PR for the school if the truth got out? It’s understandable if like the headlines more when they’re bragging about bringing on more teachers of color, raising the Juneteenth flag, or teaching critical race theory.

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