Framingham Mother Of 15 Year Old Who Torched Boston Police Car Was Arrested For Beating Him When He Was 9, Blamed BPD For Destroying Their Own Car On Facebook 


The FBI announced that they were looking for two suspects responsible for torching a Boston Police cruiser at the riots on May 31.

They arrested one of the perps on Wednesday in Framingham.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the vandalism and arson of a Boston police cruiser late last month during a during a violent night in the city that followed a day of peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd. The teen from Framingham, whose name was not made public because of his age, faces juvenile charges of arson and inciting a riot. Several people participated in breaking the vehicle’s windows and setting it on fire and the investigation is ongoing, police said in a statement Thursday. The FBI and Boston police earlier this week released surveillance images and asked for the public’s help in identifying two people who were seen near the police cruiser at about 9:30 p.m. on May 31. It was not clear if the teen arrested was one of those people.

The media always feels the need to throw in “peaceful protest” while writing a story about a violent riot. If your protest involves looting and burning police cars then by definition it is not peaceful. If a woman was raped at a frat party would anyone call it a peaceful party? Of course not. But the MSM is in bed with black lives matter and wants you to believe that they’re peaceful. They’re not. They push hatred of the police, they want to abolish them, and this is how that hatred manifests itself.

Since the perp is only 15 a lot of people are saying the parents should be blamed, and they’re absolutely right in this case. This is the 15 year old boy’s mother Alina Vassiliadis.

In 2014 she was arrested for beating her 9 year old son with a shoe (the same one arrested for torching the car) because he was “stubborn.” (Editor’s Note – she no longer lives at this address)

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This kid is damaged goods. He was raised to believe that violence is acceptable if you are upset about something. He has become such a terror as a direct result of his mother’s parenting techniques. Now he’s 15 and she lets him run the streets because it’s easier than being a parent. Probably whey he he went missing from their Framingham last year.

At this point it’s too late for this kid. He’s already out of control and burning cop cars. All the social services in the world, which he no doubt has been offered already, could possibly turn him around. This is just who he will be his entire life. He’ll likely be in and out of jail, and chances are he will die young. At some point he will reproduce and the circle of ratchetry will be complete.

Meanwhile here’s what his mother posted on Facebook the day after he torched a cop car in Boston.

Fake news about the Boston Police destroying their own cop car after maggots like her abused son destroyed it. #Gang

She often posts anti-police propaganda that makes it seem like black people are being hunted by cops for no reason.

Which is probably why her kid is filled with such hatred towards the police.

She constantly posts about peaceful protests though, something her son seems to know nothing about.

And of course she supported the I-93 protesters who everyone hated 6 years ago but would probably be widely supported for their bravery as “allies” today.

Meanwhile, this is what she posted just hours before her son was arrested at their home in Framingham.

Here’s a video she posted that day of herself sexually harassing an employee at Town Fair Tire.

This woman should have to pay every penny for the cost of that car. She created this monster and did nothing to restrain him. She is responsible.


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