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Free Speech Advocate Michael Picard Faces Restraining Order Hearing After Sexually Harassing Congressional Candidate Rayla Campbell Multiple Times


Michael Picard is a well known free speech activist from Connecticut who often trolls for the sake of trolling.

This bootleg Josh Abrams antagonizes people in public places to see if they’ll respect his right to free speech. He made the news in recent years after suing the Connecticut State Police and getting a $50K settlement when they took his camera in 2015 at a DUI check point where he was warning people. The ACLU defended him on that one. More recently he dressed like a pig to troll cops at a blue lives matter rally in West Roxbury.

As a free speech advocate I fully support everyone’s right to speak freely, and it sounds like the CT State Police were in the wrong which is why they agreed to settle. But if you’re just harassing people for the hell of it, then what’s the point? What are you trying to prove? That you can be a dick? Congrats, you can. The difference between me and Michael Picard is I speak freely for a reason. I’m expressing controversial views that lots of people are thinking but most are afraid to say out loud.

Puddington Pubestache doesn’t say or do anything interesting. His whole shtick is based on the hopes that the people he’s trolling do something. Although he was on the right side of the lockdown, he usually goes after Trump supporters who agree with him on that issue.

I support free speech, but there are lines you can’t cross and he does it frequently. It began two weeks ago when he started targeting Rayla Campbell, the woman running against Ayanna Pressley for Congress, who Monica Cannon-Grant accused of riding too much white male member. He showed up with his “Allah loves” sign while standing on the American flag, hoping to trigger some Trump supporters. I personally would just ignore him, but according to Rayla he was targeting her and hit her with his cardboard sign, so she finally reached her breaking point, and snatched up the flag and sign.


If he really hit her with the sign then what she did was completely justified. If he didn’t, I personally wouldn’t have done it because that’s the exact reaction he wanted. Either way, it’s a cardboard sign, she threw it in a bush, and he went and fetched it. I’m just glad he made it out alive.

He posted the edited video that shows her taking the flag, threw some pictures of her up of his on Facebook and his woke followers degraded her.

The next week he decided to stalk and harass Rayla again at a standout in Franklin. This time he brought his friend as a prop, who was “undercover” as a redneck Trump supporter. Their routine is they pretend not to know each other while the redneck lobbies insults at Pubestache Puddington for being Muslim. Get it? Because Trump supporters are all rednecks who hate Muslims.

This time they were a lot more aggressive and sexual though:

  • They say that they’re there to gangbang Rayla
  • Repeatedly calls Rayla his best friend, says they’re together, follows her around as she walks away from him and tells him to get away from her, tells her he loves her, and asks her if they’re hanging out after this.
  • She asks him multiple times to leave her alone, and he refuses and keeps saying vulgar and sexual things about her.
  • Asks a white guy if he can hold hands with him and then asks if he wants to be the top or the bottom
  • Targets a gay black man, says he has things to do with him, says, “no means no until it means yes,” calls him sexy multiple times after the guy tells him to leave him alone, says he loves him and wants him, says he’s going to get him one day and will be married
  • Harasses a union guy and asks for his phone number so they can sext
  • He also starts shit with another black woman who had nothing to do with the rally, who he racially profiles by calling her a gang banger.
  • Follows them to their car, asks Rayla for a hug

Now imagine a morbidly obese white Trump supporter doing that to Ayanna Pressley. Rayla has to take it because her political opinions make this type of behavior acceptable.

I respect free speech more than anything when there’s a purpose behind it. But this is just a Nadler-shaped virgin being a nudnik to other people because he can. There’s no purpose or value to it. And sexual harassment, which he’s guilty of multiple times in that video, is not free speech. The second she told him to leave her alone he should’ve stopped, but he persisted anyway. He seemed to target the black people, particularly the black women, who he harassed with racial insults and sexual innuendo. This is what happens in a world where people are afraid to get punched in the face. Call me old fashioned, but when you treat a woman like that you should expect to get popped in your fat ugly face.

You go after people who have earned it by harming innocent people. I wouldn’t show up to a Biden rally and sexually harass people who were holding signs because they didn’t do anything wrong. Michael Picard would because he’s unable to create compelling content on his own. He needs to use other people as props.

Picard’s followers are complaining about that cardboard sign the woman he was sexually harassing took from him. The poor thing. There’s multiple Reddit threads victimizing the laardvark while tearing apart Rayla because she had the audacity to fight back. They’ve invaded the comment section of my interview with Rayla last week doing the same. They’re really triggered about what she did to that cardboard sign that he went and retrieved anyway.

How will he ever replace that cardboard sign. Hopefully he’ll be OK. Thought and prayers.

Rayla’s now getting a restraining order against him and she’s suing him too.

I speak from experience when I say that the lawsuit probably won’t go anywhere, but she deserves that RO. Picard protesting her politics is what this country is built on. Following her around sexually harassing her multiple times after she repeatedly says no is grounds for an order. Have fun in court dude.


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