Friends Demand Release Of Cocaine Dealer Who Hit Boylston Police Officer With Car While Fleeing Fitchburg Drug Den


This is Bryan Walker, a cocaine dealer from Fitchburg.

As you can see he looks like the love child of Biggie Smalls and Michael Brown, which might explain his disdain for law enforcement. The other day the State Police gang unit went to arrest him as the target of their investigation, but he escaped in his car and hit a Boylston Police Officer while fleeing the scene.

He tried to warn the police that he has issues with road rage.

Sometimes he wants to run people over at the grocery store, other times he wants to run cops over with his car.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody this deep fried douche whistle supports the communist organization that calls itself black lives matter.

On the State Police’s Facebook page there was mostly condemnation of Bryan Walker for nearly killing a police officer. But in the Discussing Fitchburg Now the free muh boi patrol was a lot more vocal. This is Jenna Campbell.

If “my baby son Trey is my King” had a face. According to Jenna, Bryan is actually a great person who made a mistake like all humans do.

Yup, he’s a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

That’s touching and all, and it’s nice that he visited you in the hospital a few years ago, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is in fact a slugpump extraordinaire, and a stain on society. We all do make mistakes, and it’s what makes us human. But for normal people a mistake is forgetting to pick up milk at the grocery story, not selling cocaine and hitting cops with your car.

Kiara Renee and Avis Collins agree that this was simply a mistake that anyone could make, and that other human beings had no right to judge his behavior.

It’s not his fault, he was scared. So says Queen Duckface and Lord Chinstrap.

Plus it’s the cop’s fault for existing.


When people get hit by cars it’s their fault for standing in front of vehicles, not the driver’s fault for running them over. Fitchburg Logic 101.

This is Walt Gallo.

As you can imagine from his love of dog filters, he too had some strong points to make.

I need to get that quote framed and hung in the Hoodrat wing of the Guggenheim.

It’s not his fault, he was just trying to commit a crime when he accidentally committed another crime.

A local rapper who goes by Clue De Capo also had a message for anyone who was hating on his homie.

Better listen to him, my man is a Newport expert.

Don’t even try to sell this dude bootleg Newports. It won’t end well for you.

He’s also getting a lot of love from the fupa express on his Facebook page.

Question – where were all these people when he was selling cocaine in Fitchburg? If you cared about him so much why didn’t you encourage him to pursue a career that wouldn’t end with a gang unit raid of your Section 8 dumpster fire? A cop was almost killed and sustained serious injuries because fat boy here didn’t feel like going to jail. Like they weren’t gonna find this gravy dumpster a couple days later. Newsflash – good people don’t do that.


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