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Friends Of Alleged Victim Of Attempted Rape By 2 Black Men On Millbury Rail Trail Allege Police, Media Coverup After MPD Disputes Widely Shared Facebook Post


Yesterday a Worcester woman named Shauna Wharton shared a disturbing story about an attempted rape that took place in broad daylight on the Millbury/Worcester rail trail that left a woman unconscious. According to Ms. Wharton this was the third such incident in the last few weeks, and she suggested that the police and media were covering it up.

She seems trustworthy.

Normally a brutal attempted sexual assault would be headline news, but the Rail Trail Industrial complex is clearly using their power over the police and the media to make it seem like there aren’t roaming gangs of rapists patrolling a three mile trail that runs parallel with Rt 146 and starts at a Walmart, because they’re in on it. This is the only logical conclusion one can reach. Luckily these attackers were unable to rape her (just attempted) despite the fact that the victim was allegedly knocked unconscious, because these particular rapists live by a strict code of only raping women when they’re awake to remember it. Rapists of honor.

Another man named Mike Benedetto read her post and determined that it checked out.

Bicycle shorts Billy decided to do the only responsible thing a man could do in a situation like this – play a game of ratchet telephone on Facebook by blindly repeating the story without asking any questions and adding his own little racist twist to it.


Pro tip – the whole, “I was jumped by 2 black guys” hoax thing went out of style in 1989 thanks to Charles Stuart. The Shrewsbury Slavemaster tried it in 2018 and it didn’t go well. Never go full Steve Levine.

This time the attackers were black, the victim wasn’t knocked unconscious, and her 2 dogs fended off the rapists. Luckily 1,191 human beings saw this post, elected to hit the share button, created needless panic, and made white women suspicious of black men in the community during a time racial tensions are at an all time high, rather than vetting the story.

were not only “afro-americans,” but she had 2 dogs that fended them off, and this time she wasn’t knocked unconscious. Always a good idea to blindly share a Facebook post like that 1,191 times,

Luckily not a single person questioned it. They just wanted to know where the share button was.

Finally the Millbury Police Department posted on their Facebook page and alerted the public that no such attempted sexual assault and/or robbery happened.

But instead of just admitting that they spread misinformation Spanks McGee and Bicycle Shorts Billy insisted the cops were continuing the coverup and claimed that there was DNA on the dogs that proved it.

Now we wiCSI Millbury took DNA off the dog’s teeth and the suspects will be identified in 3-4 weeks when the lab comes back with the results. Stay tuned.


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