Frontier Regional High School Celebrates Pronoun Day By Having Kids Wear Pronoun Stickers Handed Out By Teachers


Here’s a picture seen inside Frontier Regional High School in Deerfield that was sent to us by a turtle rider, showing their plans for



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“Pick up a pronoun sticker at the main entrance or in the cafeteria.”

This is why Glenn Youngkin is going to be the Governor of Virginia. Because of nonsense like this.

Newsflash – you don’t get to pick your own pronoun. That’s not how the English language works. But the public schools are basically encouraging kids to experiment with transgenderism a little bit to see what fits them best. Try out a new pronoun, see if you like it, and let us know what gender you are later.

Even if you could choose your own pronoun, wouldn’t allowing non-transgender students to pick up a pronoun sticker and wear it be a form of cultural appropriation? You’re basically making a mockery of transgenderism, which is a good thing because it should be mocked, but the point of this is allegedly to embrace it.

Also, what is “LGBTQ solidarity week?” How many days, months, and weeks am I supposed to care about this group of non-oppressed people? Why do they need solidarity? Gay marriage is legalized everywhere, boys can use the girls bathroom, and gay people aren’t struggling economically like any other “marginalized” group. There’s literally no reason for any of this, and we already gave them the entire month of June.

Schools have basically turned into public indoctrination centers because parents have been kept out of them for so long. Most people agree that men are men and women are women. They reject this anti-science ridiculousness that human beings can pick their own gender.  Yet the public schools are promoting this politically motivated garbage as if its settled fact.

Oh, and here’s how one of the teachers is dressed in class.

This didn’t happen overnight. It’s a result of apathetic people not voting in local elections and allowing school boards to be controlled by communists. Want to stop it? Run for School Committee in your town and get like minded people to do the same. A truck driver in New Jersey who spent $153 on his campaign just defeated the Senate President. People are sick of this nonsense, and it’s time to take our schools back.



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