Gabby Petito’s Likely Murder Was The Sad Result Of Social Media Narcissism Gone Wrong


Yesterday the body of missing 22 year old Gabby Petito was found in Jackson, Wyoming. If you don’t know who she is or the details behind her disappearance then watch Thursday nigh’s Live Show.

Now that you’re caught up, the police were able to find her body yesterday thanks to a YouTube vlogging family who realized that they had seen Gabby and fiance Brian Laundrie’s van on their dash cam footage August 27 in Jackson.

Two days after that on August 29 a woman claimed that she picked up Brian Laundrie while he was hitchhiking, and he was acting weird.

According to the woman identifying herself as Miranda Baker, she picked up Laurie back on August 29 in Grand Teton National Park. After hearing about Petito’s disappearance, People confirmed that Baker had been in touch with North Port Police about the case. In a subsequent video, she said she’s also spoken with the FBI. In her videos, Baker says that she and her boyfriend picked up Laurie on August 29 at 5:44 p.m. on their way to Jackson, which is where they were also heading. They said he offered them $200 to take him the ten-mile trip.

According to Baker, Laundrie told her and her boyfriend that he’d by that point been camping for multiple days “without his fiancée,” as she was “working on their social media page back at their van.”

Baker said things got weird when she and her boyfriend mentioned they were also going to Jackson Hole. At that point, she claims he “freaked out” and wanted out of the car immediately. The couple allegedly dropped him off at Jackson Dam, not far from Colter Bay, at 6:09 p.m.

“He kind of, like, hurried out of the car and was like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to find someone else to hitchhike [with],'” said Baker in her video. “We were like, ‘Okay.’ It was a weird situation.”

On September 1 he returned alone to his parents home in North Port, FL and didn’t report Gabby missing. Her parents did on September 11, the van was taken by police, and Brian Laundrie was named as a person of interest. He has refused to cooperate with police, and obviously is hiding something. Stickers have been added to the van since it was seen on the dash cam on August 27. 

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Since then mobs of local idiots have been protesting outside the Laundrie home.

On Friday, September 17, North Port Police announced that Brian’s parents told them he left their home on Tuesday, September 14, and believed he had gone to the alligator infested Carlton Nature Reserve.  He is a missing person, not a wanted criminal, and the police have had no luck finding him there.

Rumors and speculation on social media are spreading like crazy, and you’d need hours to comb through all of it. Everyone has their theories on what happened, so here’s mine:

  • Brian Laundrie did not plan or intend to kill her, because as you will see he is a soy boy who almost definitely doe not have it in him to be that cold blooded
  • I would guess that he accidentally killed her during an argument in a rage
  • His parents asked why he came home alone, and he probably told them some lie about Gabby killing herself, or running away, and his lawyer told the family that no one would believe this story so it was best if he not speak to police at all
  • The fact that his parents didn’t tell police that he wasn’t home since September 14 has led many to believe they’re covering for him, and probably lied that he was in the Carlton Reserve to give him more time to flee
  • If they don’t find him in the next couple of days I would guess that he either killed himself or fled the country, but probably the former because he knows he is not built for jail

This whole story is the end result of social media narcissism gone wrong. Gabby and Brian are quite possibly the two most uninteresting people on the planet. There was no reason for anyone who isn’t their friends or family to have any interest at all in their cross country trip, yet they had a large following on social media before any of this happened. The idea that anyone who didn’t know them would have any interest in watching these strangers take staged photos of themselves eating sushi on a beach, decorating a tent, and traveling to parks is remarkable.

If it weren’t for social media they never would’ve gone on the trip because then they wouldn’t be able to impress a bunch of strangers with their playful banter, fried cucumbers, and morning yoga.

“Look at us, we’re happy AND in touch with nature! Like, share, and subscribe!”

The problem was that it was all just for show. On August 12 in Moab, Utah the couple was pulled over and questioned by police during a domestic incident. She admitted to hitting him in the face with her phone, but police used their discretion not to arrest her. Instead they put him in a hotel for the night and let her stay in the van.

That is an unhappy, dysfunctional couple that is sick of each other. They were way too young to get married (22 and 23), and were living on top of each other for two months straight in a van. She’s attractive, which by definition means she’s got a little crazy to her, and he’s already balding so he probably figured he’d just put up with it because this was as good as he was going to get. Eventually he snapped, killed her, freaked out, and cried his eyes out, in my humble opinion.

They didn’t show this side of their relationship on social media because it was too real. We have become a society that is conditioned to behave in a way that gets likes and praise from strangers on the Internet.

“Look at me, staring out into the wide open space, or playing my ukulele at our campsite.”

“Hey, we got in a huge domestic incident that required police intervention this morning, but let’s take a picture of ourselves making out under this elephant rock dong and make other people envious of our relationship.”

“Are they looking at us? Can they see how happy we are?”

“OK good, now let’s kiss for the camera and edit it with some cheesy background music.”

These two people hated each other but pretended they were happy because Internet clout was more important to them than actual happiness. This is what narcissistic people do, and social media has created an army of them. Now a bunch of strangers pretending to give a shit about her are protesting outside his house, demanding justice for a woman who never once thought about them while she was alive, because they’re just as addicted to attention as Brian and Gabby were.

P.S. If you believe the two lesbians who were murdered in Moab on August 13 were killed by Brian, or connected to them at all, it would mean that Gabby knew about it for two weeks and said nothing to authorities, since she was seen with him in Salt Lake City on August 24. Maybe he is Chris Watts 2.0, but he just strikes me as way too much of a beta cuck to be that cold blooded.



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