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Garage Doors Plus Defends Free Speech After Being Harassed By Troll For Advertising On Turtleboy Podcast


Editor’s Note: Garage Doors Plus in Quincy is the ideal Turtleboy advertiser. They like free speech and getting a return on their investment. Everyone who advertisers with us gets great ROI because we have a huge audience that is extremely loyal to our advertisers because they know what we’re up against. When these people harass you all you have to do is stand up to them because they have no money and weren’t going to buy anything off of you in the first place. If you own a local business and want to gain new customers then email [email protected] and we can get you started right away.

Ever since Turtleboy became a business five years ago, our detractors have attempted to silence our free speech by harassing our advertisers until they stopped advertising with us. And although we are still her and still going strong, they have had some successes to a degree. Although Turtleboy is still kicking it, they have had some successes to a degree. We used to have a lot of local advertisers, but after a vicious harassment campaign many of them decided it wasn’t worth it to deal with the interference in their business, so we relied on Google AdSense instead. We’ve since been blacklisted from there, which is why we had to create a new, cleaner website that doesn’t use potty language is less likely to get flagged. Thus our remaining advertisers like Garage Doors Plus continue to be our life blood that we cannot continue operating without.

This sort of guerilla activism is the driving force behind cancel culture today. If businesses didn’t give into these mobs then the mobs would realize how powerless they are. These mobs consist of people who don’t work, don’t tip, and don’t spend money at local businesses in the first place. If companies had the fortitude to stand up to these outside forces then the harassment would stop. Giving in only encourages it more.

Garage Doors Plus in Quincy has been sponsoring the Turtleboy podcast for the last year and a half. They’re one of my favorite advertisers of all time because they do quality work at a great price, but they also don’t take too kindly to people who harass them for their business choices. Last night the owner, Chris Riggs, got a phone call from a burner phone. He texted them back this morning and this is how the exchange played out.

So this guy wanted to get a quote on a 5 bay garage door, his first choice was Garage Doors Plus, but then he just so happened to be listening to a Turtleboy podcast (which he hates), heard the ad for Garage Doors Plus, and decided that he’d give his business to someone more expensive because he’s so offended by the podcast that he chooses to listen to.

Sure thing Ace.

He is right about one thing though – we often say unsavory things about people. People like Josh Abrams who rape and drug women and force them into prostitution. People like Rian Waters who kill dogs and beat women. People like Amber Carmark who steal other people’s identities and lie about being kidnapped in order to get closer to your children. We are guilty as charged when it comes to exposing unsavory individuals like this. If you don’t like Turtleboy then it means you support them and the things they do. So congrats for officially coming out as pro-rape. You really made a difference today.

GDP handled it like a champ because they are awesome. Obviously this person doesn’t really have a job that needed to be done. He just woke up and decided that he was going to interfere with two businesses (Turtleboy and GDP) because he had nothing better to do, he couldn’t find a legitimate way to shut us down, and so he had to make up a lie instead. This person represents an aspect of our culture that seeks to silence dissenting voice, and decent people need to stand up to people like him. Let’s give them a call and see what happens.

No answer. Shocking. They have since texted me back with this:

After threatening legal action for tortious interference he has since stopped texting me. This is what we will do if you attempt to interfere with our business moving forward. We will expose your criminal behavior as well.

Feel free to show Garage Doors Plus some love on their Facebook page, or even better – hire them and tell them Turtleboy sent you.


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