Gardner CNA Starts $25K GoFundMe For Paralysis, Heart Issues, And Seizures From COVID Vaccine, Uses Tik Tok To Gain Clout Right After Needing New Belt For Jeep


This is Ashley Chicoine, a 21 year old single mom from Gardner.

She has a Tik Tok channel which up until recently wasn’t getting many views and didn’t have many followers. It was just her doing “country girl” stuff and getting revenge on her cheating boyfriend with what appears to be another woman.

Last week she posted in a South Coast Jeep Club Facebook group about how her Jeep’s belt snapped the day before she got the COVID vaccine, which ended up paralyzing her, causing multiple seizures, high heart rate, and severe pain. Now she can’t play with her Jeep, which just so happens to need a new belt.

As you can see, she created a GoFundMe for herself that is looking for $25K, and has raised about $1,340 thus far.

But what does she need the money for? Well according to the GFM, which she wrote in the third person, she is a full time “collage” student, used all her sick days at the nursing home that gave her the COVID vaccine, was treated poorly at the hospital, needs to go to a different hospital, and she is no longer capable of depending on herself despite having health insurance.

People are on edge about the vaccine and any anecdotes about side effects will get a lot of attention and cause skepticism for others to get it. Not surprising, ever since Ashley went to the hospital her Tik Tok views have exploded because she’s been documenting her stay there in the most dramatic way possible.

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Here’s one of her first ones in which she says that she got the vaccine, didn’t feel too good, collapsed on the ground, was unconscious and paralyzed, had multiple seizures, her hands cramped up and couldn’t use them, and the right side of her body is not working but left side is doing great.

Thots and shares.

She says that the nurse came in and tried to help her walk, but she began laughing because she couldn’t feel the ground.

Many in the comments have questioned her, suggesting that she just has anxiety. Fear not though, because “they said” it wasn’t.

She also says she doesn’t know which vaccine she got.

Which is weird, because they would tell you.

She says “they” may have found something in the MRI, but she had to get another CT on her spine.

She then alleged that the nurses were stealing from her, gave her attitude, and thus she wants to get discharged against medical advice.

The videos are having their desired effect – getting people to freak out about the vaccine and share the GoFundMe.

And she spams every Tik Tok, some of which have hundreds of thousands of views, with links to the GFM.

Despite not having use of her arm because she is in constant pain, Ashley has had plenty of time to not only make the videos, but to go at it with people who are suggesting that her story doesn’t add up.

She’s alleged that the hospital won’t show her her lab work, so she can’t prove to her viewers that she’s being honest.

A lot of people thought it was suspicious that she didn’t know which vaccine that she got.

And when she finally made her vaccine reveal video she told people to watch it instead of just telling them which one she got.

She’s constantly speaking poorly of the hospital.


And she blames her employer, Alliance Health in Baldwinville, for ignoring her allergies.

According to her she’s a CNA (shocking) and Alliance Health pressured her into getting the vaccine by offering her cash to do so.

She claims her feet have gone without a pulse for a week, which is why she can’t feel them.

And she has a raging temperature of 99.7.

To prove to the doubters that she was in fact in pain, and that her pain is all from her reaction to the vaccine, she wiretapped a nurse at the hospital (which she hates) who confirmed that she had a shot and that she was scheduled for a MRI.

Then yesterday she posted on Facebook, telling people to keep their mouths shut if they think she’s lying about this for clout and GoFundMe cash.

She’s even jumped in on other people’s pages who have shared it and posts her feet pictures whenever someone suggests that it doesn’t add up. Lucky for her the OP was also a white knight extraordinaire.


Save some chicks for the rest of us dude!

I’m not saying Ashley isn’t sick or in pain. But there’s zero evidence that she got sick from the vaccine, or that it paralyzed her legs and arms. It also just so happens that she needs a new belt for her Jeep, and has been asking everyone in the Jeep group to donate to her GoFundMe, which has absolutely nothing to do with Jeeps.

On top of that she’s posting about something that she knew would go viral and using it to share the GFM.

I had a lot of questions so I figured I’d contact her myself. First I got this sentagraph.

To prove that she got the vaccine and that the vaccine was the cause of her health problems she showed me some text messages from “Lisa from Baldwinville,” but it wasn’t very convincing.

But what does she need $25K for? Her kids are with her parents and she says her boyfriend was going to CVS for her. Clearly she has a support system, so what could she need that money for?

All I really wanted to see was evidence that she got the vaccine at work, that they weren’t paying her while she was taking time off for sickness that happened as a result of their own alleged negligence, and that the vaccine was the reason she had all these horrible side effects. She assured me that “Kayla” would be providing me with all that in an hour, and that she had forgotten which vaccine it was because “my brain is foggy.”

Still waiting on that.

I figured she’d want to name the hospital too, since she claims they stole from her. She wouldn’t tell me which hospital it was, but she said it was right near Mount Wachusett Community College, which would mean that it’s Heywood.

I thought it was odd that a 21 year old who can’t seem to put a sentence together would be a CNA (not that the bar is high), so I ran her name through a list of registered nurses in the state and she didn’t come up.

Somehow she’s a CNA but didn’t know how to look up to find out if she was a CNA. Just for the record, you can work as a nurse assistant without taking the stat exam, but you can’t call yourself a CNA if you’re not one.

I will update this story if she can prove that she’s being truthful. But for now the public deserves to have the truth about the vaccine out there so people can make responsible choices. If you’re getting your information on the vaccine from a 21 year old single Mom on Tik Tok with a story that doesn’t add up at all, then you should probably just get COVID instead because Darwin’s going to get get you eventually.


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