Gardner DCF Mom Seeks Legal Help After Judge Commits Crime By Sending Fiance Back To Prison For Parole Violation 


This is Jess Griffin from Gardner.

Last night she posted on the Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook page, asking for help because her fiance violated his parole and was sent back to prison unjustly.

“He found himself in violation”

Hoodrat to English translation – he willfully chose to do something that he knew was a violation of his parole.

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“New charges came up”

Hoodrat to English translation – he committed more crimes he is now being held accountable for.

Her “fiance” Kyle Polizzotti just got out of jail in June.

By August they were Facebook official engaged.

Those are some Fitchburg engagement photos if I’ve ever seen them.

She also got his name tatooed on her wrist so that 20 years from now she can remember the name of that dead convict who plowed her while he was out on parole.

I can’t imagine what he would’ve done to violate parole though. It looks like he had obtained legitimate employment.

Definitely not a drug dealer.


What was he in jail for anyway?

Oh good, an armed home invasion charge while on probation for an armed robbery and A&B charge because the skank he was giving it to that week had an ex-boyfriend who was speaking ill of her. And people say chivalry is dead!

It’s OK though because he was only 22 when he did it.


Now he’s a wise 26 and he’s moved onto selling crack cocaine during his 3 month periods of freedom.

Nevertheless, she insists he didn’t committee no crime.

The judge’s sentence makes no since.

Plus, it was 6 years ago. “Where” all forgetting that the real criminal here is the judge.


Definitely seems like the kind of guy you wanna get engaged to while he’s briefly out of jail on parole. Especially when you’re a Mom.

Prime stepdad material.

I thought Jess looked familiar so I ran her name through the Google machine and guess which website came up first?

Looks like the aforementioned Gardner Grundle Gremlin was blogged about on Turtleboy in 2018 after she falsely accused her landlord of trying to extort sex out of her in exchange for free rent on the Discussing Ftichburg Now Facebook page. Looks like she’s not new to this group after all.

Back then she was complaining that the DCF Fairy stole her two offspring (one of whom was named after bottled water), but she was taking parenting classes to get them back.

Three and a half years later she’s still taking all her family pictures in the DCF visitor’s room, and family dinners consist of her stuffing her face with kielbasa while staring at pictures of the children she abandoned in order to pursue gangsta wang.


Anyway, if you anyone can set her up with an attorney so her violent felon fiance can get out of jail in January instead of March feel free to reach out to her. Attorney Richard N. Vulva is preoccupied with deformation cases so he’ll have to sit this one out.



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