Poor Behavior

Gardner Mom Raising Money For Attorney Because She Just Found Out Her 13 Year Old Son Had 73 Days In-House Suspension, Is Being Bullied By Teachers Who Make Him Follow Rules


This is Michelle Spofford from Gardner.

She’s a self absorbed DCF Mom who likes to post pictures of herself in panties on Facebook, despite being completely unfappable.

Any Mom who posts that many selfies and uses that many Facebook filters was destined to one day start a “DCF stole muh kids” GoFundMe.

Greta Grannie Panties has 5 crotch fruits, including a son named Aiden, who is a behavior problem at school. Recently her friends started a GoFundMe for her because Michelle just found out that her out of control son spent 73 days in in-house suspension, and he hasn’t done any work. According to the GFM her son’s school threatened to have DCF remove him from his house if he didn’t call his mother and tell her to take a Facebook post down “exposing” the school. Now they’re raising $2,000 for an attorney so that her son can “get an education” and stop getting suspended, because that’s apparently what $2K lawyers do now.

Michelle also posted about it in a Gardner Facebook group, claiming that her son doesn’t follow the rules because he has oppositional defiance disorder, and that the school won’t give her an IEP meeting.


She’s a “damn good” mother who started her family when she was 16 though. Even ask her.


She’s sick and tired of hearing that her kid was suspended for 73 days and DCF is involved in her life because she’s a bad mother!

Any rational person would read all that and immediately realize there was much more to the story, especially if Mom is into fairies, crystals, and herbs, and was raising an army of feral children she conceived with at least one man who may or may not have been accused of being a pedophile.

You’d have to be a complete moron to believe that a school was so upset about a Facebook post that they threatened a child with a false DCF report if he didn’t call his mother and tell her to take it down. You’d have to be willfully stupid to hear that a mother didn’t know that her kid had 73 days of in-house suspension. You should never be allowed to vote or drive a car if you’re dumb enough to believe that a school would refuse to consider an IEP for a parent with a child who has a diagnosed medical condition.

But this is Gardner so most people blindly believed her.


Nothing is ever their fault. It’s always “the system.” Sure, her 13 year old kid is a terror who doesn’t feel like following school rules, disrupts the learning environment of others, and constantly gets suspended, but bad parenting has nothing to do with that because her other kids are growing up to be astronauts. DCF, the teachers, the principal, and the healthcare system are to blame, but not Mom.

Luckily she called the cops.

If the Supernintendo doesn’t give you everything you want then you should go to the police and have the teachers arrested for….something.

One commenter attempted to be the voice of reason, but he was yelled at for being horrible.

You guys are all missing the point – none of this actually happened the way she said it did.

And if there was any doubt that Greta Grannie Panties son got this way because she constantly makes excuses for him and isn’t nearly involved in his education as she pretends to be, she erased that doubt with this comment, in which she admits that she was kicked out of school as a teenager too.


“My son tells me all the time that the teachers bully him.”

The mere fact that she took this statement at face value from a kid who is so subordinate that he has supposedly missed 73 days due to suspension (I find that hard to believe) tells you everything you need to know about this woman’s parenting skills, or lack thereof. Newsflash –  teachers don’t “bully” kids. They hold them accountable when they break the rules. If your kid comes home and tells you that they got in trouble because the teacher bullied them, your gut instinct should be to assume that there is a lot more to the story.

“I was kicked out of Gardner Middle School and put into CAPS because I had anxiety and couldn’t handle large classrooms.”

Translation – I disrupted regular kids in regular classrooms so they kicked me out and put me in the bad kid school where I got knocked up and started my family of free range feral children. Now my son is carrying on the family tradition and I’m making excuses for him just like I made excuses for myself back in the day.


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