Get Woke, Go Broke: Oberlin College Must Pay $33 Million To Bakery For Encouraging Students To Protest Bakery After Black Student Was Arrested


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Get woke, go broke. That’s the message that was clearly sent by an Ohio jury after siding with a local bakery that had been defamed by Oberlin College students and administrators, and then assessed damages of upwards of $33 million. Here’s what happened:

  • Allyn Gibson, the son of the patriarch of the family owned Gibson’s Bakery, caught 20 year old Oberlin student Elijah Aladin stealing two bottles of wine from his store in October 2016. When he confronted Aladin and attempted to take his picture while calling the police, Aladin hit his phone and broke the two bottles of wine.
  • Gibson attempted to keep him from leaving the store but the altercation spilled outside. When cops arrived they saw Aladin and two female students on top of Gibson beating him.
  • Aladin claimed that he was the victim of racial profiling (all three students were black and Gibson is white), and provoked an already easily provoked student body into protesting and boycotting the business.
  • Oberlin College, which had a contract with Gibson’s for bagels in the cafeteria, ended the contract because of the student protest.
  • Oberlin administrator Dean Meredith Raimando was seen at the protest handing out fliers to students, which called the bakery racist, as well as providing the students with food and drink.

  • The school sanctioned student newspaper then blamed the bakery for pursuing a lawsuit in December 2017, and the school responded by permanently ending their business relationship.
  • The school did nothing when the student senate issued a declaration calling what happened “anti-black violence,” and said that Gibson’s had a history of racial profiling.

  • All three students confessed to their crimes in 2017, plead guilty, and issued statements saying that they were not racially profiled, and that Gibson’s was completely in the right.

  • A black employee at Gibson’s testified that the Gibsons were great people, and that the administrators encouraged much of the protest.
  • When a professor wrote a letter to the campus newspaper criticizing the protest administrators responded in emails by saying, “F*** Roger Copeland,” and “F*** him, I’d say unleash the students if I wasn’t convinced this needs to be put behind us.”
  • The school’s attorneys made it worse in court when they continued to slam the very likable business owners, and the jury sided with the plaintiffs for upwards of $33 million.

The video of Aladin’s arrest show you just how spoiled, sheltered, and entitled he is.


He cried that the cops were going to kill him because he’s black and blamed Gibson for defending himself. He pretended to be the victim of oppression despite committing a crime, and despite the fact that he is a graduate of the pricey Andover boarding school Phillips Academy.

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As someone who has been casually called racist by thousands of people intentionally misrepresenting my opinions in bad faith in an attempt to cause my business economic harm by harassing our advertisers, I couldn’t be more satisfied right now. These people have been getting away with calling people racist, without any evidence, for far too long now. I’m all for free speech, but when you lie and those lies cause financial damages to you, then a line has been crossed. Good for Gibson’s for saying enough is enough.

Elijah Aladin is the ultimate victim, and knew exactly what he was doing. He got caught committing a crime, and instead of owning up to it he blamed the victim and stated that the police were going to kill him because he’s black. He had to be reassured by a woman trying to help him that he wasn’t actually going to be killed.

“Why do you think you’re going to get killed?”

“Because I’m scared of police! I’m a black man in custody of police.”

“Well I haven’t hurt anyone in my life.”

“I’m soo scared!!”

I don’t believe for a second that he actually believes this though. He’s just been trained by Oberlin College, like so many college students across this nation have been, to never take personal responsibility, blame other people for his own failures, and play the race card when in doubt.

Neither Aladin, or the protesters, or the administrators thought for one second about the hard they were causing the business. They just wanted what all social justice warriors want – to feel good about themselves. And they do that by purporting to be civil rights activists standing up to racism. If a business has to be destroyed in order for them to feel like they achieved this, then so be it.

Just watch the latter half of this video to see how baseless and empty this protest was.

The reporters asks multiple students to interview and explain why they’re protesting. All but one (who are almost exclusively white) decline, and the one they do interview has no idea what he’s talking about. Many hide behind the signs, which contain really original and well thought words on cardboard like, “black lives matter.”

For them, this was just something to do. But none of them had any idea why there were doing it. They were just brainwashed by the school into believing that their cause was just. They hadn’t thought for one moment about the struggles of running a business, and how much theft hurts them. They hadn’t thought for one moment that the kid who stole from the store and assaulted the business owner’s son might be the bad guy here. They just wanted to make their signs, have their moment, and not think about the consequences of their actions.

Now they cost the school $33 million because the adults refused to be adults, and catered to the demands of spoiled children. So let this be a lesson colleges – when you incite your students like this, there are real world consequences. You’re in charge of the school, not them. If you tell them to stop, they will stop. Sure, they’ll complain about it, but like a child who doesn’t want to eat their vegetable, their protestations are meaningless. And they won’t be around to loan you $33 million when you get sued for their actions.


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