Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia Victory Made It Clear That Republicans Should Embrace Trumpism Not Trump Himself


Glenn Youngkin’s victory last night in Virginia was historic.


Here are my thoughts:

1. The culture war in schools is the most important thing to voters and Republicans should be hammering it. 

Education, once an issue that Democrats controlled, is now something voters have more trust in Republicans with. Youngkin won K-12 parents by 15 points. Critical race theory, school closures, and forced acceptance that boys can become girls are wildly unpopular with parents, and Loudon County School Committee protests became a template for parents across the country. The Democratic party using the FBI and DOJ to classify parents who were concerned about these issues as domestic terrorists motivated these parents, many of who voted for Biden, to vote Republican this time. The Democrats only defense of CRT, which is not working, is that CRT is a made up conspiracy theory that isn’t being taught in the public schools. Every parent in this country knows that the fake news media is gaslighting them.


2. Donald Trump needs to stay away because he only helps Democrats at this point. 

You don’t have to be a spineless hack like Mitt Romney to win, but you don’t have to go full Trump either. Democrats were begging for Youngkin to openly embrace and campaign with Trump. They wanted him to to say the 2020 election was stolen. They wanted him to embrace January 6. They know that this is not a popular opinion, and it would distract from the much more important issue about what’s happening in our schools. Youngkin focused on the schools and didn’t take the bait. This is the winning strategy moving forward.


3. You can embrace Trumpism without making Trump the central figure of the party. 

Donald Trump’s policies on immigration, race relations, and woke culture in general are popular and built a very important coalition of voters that Romney and McCain did not have. Republicans never embraced these positions before, but they do now thanks to Trump, and it’s working. The problem is that Trump gets distracted by stupid things because he has a personality disorder. Glenn Youngkin did not. He pushed the MAGA agenda in an articulate way. He didn’t waste time crying about how the media was portraying him, whining about Saturday Night Live, or making the election about him. He made it about the parents and they voted for him.



4. Trump being banned from Twitter is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party. 

At least 90% of the dumb things Trump said, which every Republican elected official had to answer for, took place on Twitter. Without access to that platform Trump could not smear Youngkin for not embracing him. He couldn’t discourage his followers not to vote by telling them the election was rigged, like he did in the Georgia Senate races. Thank you to the Tech Gods and Democratic Party who worked so hard to make sure he was effectively silenced. And thank you for proving my point that I’ve been hammering for years – tech companies have way too much power and influence to control election results.



5. Democrats will learn nothing from this, and that’s great. 

Instead of examining their flaws and why they are so unpopular Democrats are already doubling down and blaming these election results on racism while continuing to talk about January 6, which nobody cares about. This worked to a degree with Trump because he made it easy for them, but it’s not working anymore. I hope they never stop.


6. Ron DeSantis has to be the guy in 2024. 

If Trump seeks the nomination he could possibly beat Biden or Harris in 2024 because they are incredibly unpopular, but it’s not worth the risk because this election doesn’t have to be close. Trump can’t win in a landslide because Barbara from the PTO who doesn’t like drag queen story hour but also doesn’t like name calling can’t bring herself to vote for him. She would vote for Ron DeSantis though because she agrees with what he says, not realizing it’s the same thing as Trump. Trump could take back Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan like he did in 2016. But DeSantis WOULD win those states, and COULD win states that Trump never could like New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado. Buy your DeSantis 2024 Make America Florida gear here.


7. Every Democrat running for re-election in a purple, red, or light blue state or district was just sent the message – abandon woke culture.

Going into the night the betting odds on 2022 Senate control were dead even for Republicans and Democrats. After last night the betting odds are overwhelmingly in favor of Republicans. This means that Maggie Hassan (NH), Catherine Cortez-Maesto (NEV), Mark Kelly (AZ), and Raphael Warnock (GA) are particularly vulnerable. Democrats have to win all of those seats to keep the Senate, which they won’t do if they continue to deny the existence of CRT in our schools, push unpopular ideas, and try to make their elections about Trump. We are done with Trump.



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