Google And Facebook Both Filed Motions Against Rian Waters Denying Conspiracy With Turtleboy In Federal Lawsuit Over Mandarin Oranges


In October I published a blog about a federal lawsuit filed by woman beating, dog killer Rian Waters against myself, Maura Healey, Kate Peter, the Springfield Police Department, a Mass State Police Lt, a Palmer cop, his court appointed attorney, a veterinarian, Facebook, and Google. He attempted to get a temporary restraining order against me and all the defendants but it was denied. However, Google and Facebook both had to file responses and they’re pretty hilarious and interesting. Here they are if you’d like to see them.

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This was my favorite part from Facebook:

“Kearney’s animus toward Plaintiff is rooted in his personal distaste for him and his alleged mistreatment of an ex-partner.”

Even Facebook knows that Rian Waters was arrested for beating the mother of the child he refuses to pay child support to, who he also sued for defamation.



What I found interesting is how Facebook and Google both use the CDA Section 230 defense, which protects tech companies from lawsuits based on content published on their platforms by third party users. Both companies basically argued that this is between Rian, TB, and Kate Peter, and that they can’t be sued for NOT removing content that I posted on their platforms about Rian. Neither is acting as a publisher when they remove content or choose to keep it up, which means no one can successfully sue Facebook or Google on these grounds because Section 230 allows them make editorial decisions while still getting the protections of a neutral platform.

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It’s just insane that two of the most powerful companies in the world are required to pay attorneys hundreds of dollars an hour to fight a frivolous lawsuit from a homeless man who is suing them because he can’t eat mandarin oranges. That’s literally what this is about after all.

Courts really need to have a filter for shit like this. Not everything needs to be heard by a judge.


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