Grafton Life Coach Wants Town To Replace Blue Ribbons On Trees With “Dialogue” About Racism Because Supporting Police Is Divisive


The MA State Police Wives have been pushing their “blue ribbon campaign” all across Massachusetts. Basically they urge municipalities to show their support for police by tying blue ribbons on trees, in light of the senseless murders of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and many other places. Even in Worcester County we’ve seen two police officers killed in the past year (Thomas Clardy and Ron Tarentino). This past month they brought their blue ribbons to Grafton:



Well isn’t that nice. Finally, something we can all agree on. A non-political show of support for the vast, vast majority of LEO’s who show up to work every day and do their job the way it’s supposed to be done. Obviously no one would have a problem with this right?


Oh for f***’s sake.

Jessica Curtis has a problem because these harmless blue ribbons send a message that there are sides to be taken here. Newsflash Jessica – these ribbons do the exact opposite. They unite the community around good police. Only a miserable twatwaffle like you would think these are divisive.

My favorite part about her idiotic rant was that she wants a “dialogue on racism and oppression.” If I hear one more person say that we need to have a “discussion” or “dialogue” on racism, I’m gonna lose my mind. Hey idiots, we’ve been having this discussion non-stop for the last few years. You obviously don’t want it to go anywhere because then you wouldn’t be able to virtue signal about what a good white person you are in Grafton.

You ever notice that it’s the whitest people in the world saying stuff like this too? People who are so unfamiliar with black and brown folks that they believe these people will be “isolated” in the community by the mere sight of police. As if there is no such thing as a black police officer. As if all black people share a distrust and dislike of the police. It takes a really, really dumb and out of touch white person to believe that. Someone like this:


Anyway, Jessica owns a business call J.S. Curtis Coaching. You have to check out the website. What does her coaching business do exactly? I have no idea. I read the whole website over and it’s just a bunch of meaningless hippie nomenclature. Here’s the about page:


“I believe every person is born to live a meaningful life, and I love helping others discover how to engage with their lives to create the rich and authentic life they are yearning for. “

Wait…..what? In other words, white people with too much disposable income and not enough places to blow it, pay her money to feel better about themselves.

But what is coaching?


“As a life coach, my aim is to help you uncover your best self. In our coaching partnership, we can explore what brings meaning to your life, how to find balance and move forward in growth. I strongly believe all people to be creative, resourceful and whole. My job as a coach is to help you to uncover what is already inside of you: by creating the space for self-exploration, authenticity and self-directed learning. I can help you to engage in your own holistic processes to clarify your dreams and desires and move forward into action.”

Her job as a coach is to help you uncover what is already inside of you. So basically she does nothing and takes your money. No one on a budget would ever pay her money for anything.

And how much does she charge?


For only $225 a month you can talk with this raging SJW three times for 45 minutes. On the phone. You can tell her all about your day and all the other stuff that no one else gives a shit about. At the end of the session she’ll tell you that you’ve found yourself and you’ll hang up the phone with a big ol’ smile on your face.

Pro tip – if your life coach ended up on Turtleboy, then it’s time to get a new life coach.


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