Grafton Man Complains That New Cops Hired Are Too White For His Non-Existent Biracial Children, Sues Police Department For Asking For ID


The other day the Grafton Police Department announced that they had hired 3 new police officers.

I was the 11th grade history teacher for one of these officers and can assure you that the town is in good hands with him patrolling the streets. Unfortunately this GPD Facebook post really upset this man:


His name is Rob Holmes, and he’s not happy about the lack of diversity in the images.

Apparently his white kids don’t feel safe with white police officers in town, or something. He suggested in a follow up comment that he has bi-racial children, and that only a white male would feel safe with white male cops on duty.

“The Chief’s response last time is he can’t make people apply. TRY recruiting better.”

Black people aren’t interested enough in the job to apply for it, so let’s track some of them down and tell them they should fill out an application for something they clearly have no desire to do, and somehow this will make us safer. Sounds like a plan.

And somehow these two want us to believe that they produced biracial children:

Sure thing.

When Rob isn’t busy policing the police department to make sure they have enough racial minorities to make his non-existent biracial children feel safer, he can be found showing off his response letters from Joe Biden as the two of them save Ukraine on Facebook.


Turns out the Commander in Queef here also filed a lawsuit against the Grafton Police Department in April because he went to file a complaint at 4 AM because the cops were using their blue lights in front of his apartment, and the desk person violated his civil rights by asking for an ID. He’s asking for $16K in damages “time, expenses and emotional stress,” over something he chose to pursue on his own. Unfortunately it’s in danger of being dismissed because his attempt to have the fees waived for being poor were denied, and now he has to come up with the $402 to proceed with his frivolous lawsuit.

So yea, it looks like his beef with the police department isn’t just that they’re too white, it’s because he’s still traumatized from being asked to show his ID at the police station while complaining about police cars using their blue lights at construction sites.

If Rob would like to come on the Live Show this weekend to discuss he is free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].


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