Grafton Selectman Who Denied Guilt After Being Caught Without Mask On At Liquor Store Fined Businesses For COVID Compliance, Mocked Anti-Maskers While Winning Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits


This is Grafton Selectman Ed Prisby.

He’s quite proud of himself.

Ed is a rabid SJW in an almost exclusively white, upper middle class town, who often mocks conservatives and those who doubt the reliability of smothering yourself with a diaper in order to prevent the spread of a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate. He’s called these people asses.

Selfish whiners.

And “covidiots.”

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At a recent Board meeting (starting at the 36:40 mark) he explained that he was thirsty to use his power as a small town selectman to punish local businesses who dared not join his commie cold cult.

“We have licenses that we have to review for commercial establishments. And I have been concerned about establishments that are ignoring the state’s guidelines for safe practices, such as staff and owners not wearing masks, entertainment too close to customers. And I know from people at this meeting that this has been happening, and some of the offenders are not simply ignorant, but are actually thumbing their noses at these regulations and saying things like ‘I have to put food on the table’.”

These people are nothing but power hungry tyrants who get off on the own sound of their voice. And there is nothing they hate more than business owners who don’t get down on their knees and worship the ground Ed Prisby’s of the world walk on.

How dare they “thumb their noses” at him because they have to do silly things like “put food on the table.” Ed Prisby can’t relate to this because he hasn’t missed a day of work due to the pandemic, because Ed is an essential worker. Way more essential than you. He’s an attorney and partner in Lexington at a powerful law firm where he practices business litigation and personal injury, and brags about how he’s a “super lawyers rising star.”

Attorney Prisby has over a decade of trial experience and litigates a wide range of issues. He has tried multi-million dollar, complex business litigation matters in Suffolk Superior Court. He has litigated cutting-edge ERISA claims involving allegations of employment discrimination in the issuance of long term disability insurance benefits.  He has personally handled multi-million dollar wrongful death actions, achieving sizable settlements for his clients.  He has tried complex fraud and real estate litigation matters in the United States District Court for Massachusetts. He also has tried estate litigation matters involving allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty in Massachusetts Superior and Probate courts.

If he’s getting multi-million dollar settlements for his clients then he’s making a lot of money on his rake. This pandemic has not even remotely come close to affecting him, so he’s continuing to live large.

He’s really concerned in that video about not being able to punish businesses that don’t vigorously police their customers to make sure their masks aren’t dipping below their noses.

“Who’s going to enforce that, what the steps are for levying some kind of penalty with teeth, and what we can do to help that. All we are entitled to do under law is not issue a license..”

All he can do right now is use his power to not give you a license and thus drive you out of business. But what he really wants is more ability to bury small businesses in fines that have already been decimated by the lockdowns he advocates for while he rakes in millions of dollars suing for slip and falls.

He outright says he’s going to go after any business that “thumbs their nose at the board of health.”

“I will very seriously argue not give someone an entertainment license the next time I find someone has thumbed their nose at the board of health about enforcement. Because that puts people’s lives at risk. Everyone has food to put on the table, but health safety and welfare of the customer comes first.”

No one is allowed to question the board of health. Nobody. They are rulers now due to this pandemic. No one knows who they are or how they got their jobs, but we must bow to them. Restaurants concerned about making enough money to survive are selfish and should put the “health and safety” of their customers first, who are voluntarily eating there to begin with.

He’s also bragged about fining a pizza place in town called Fancy’s, and said that he was merely enforcing criminal laws.

Except there’s zero laws on the book forcing people to wear face masks or shut down completely.

While this chode was punishing private businesses, threatening to deny licenses, and mocking people who don’t think masks should be mandatory, he was caught at the liquor store without a mask on.


How many times do you need to see these tyrants ignoring their own “safety guidelines” before you realize that this has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with power and control? Not a single one of these politicians is afraid of COVID, nor should they be. It’s why Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Marty Walsh, Gina Raimondo, Ralph Northam, Gavin Newsom, London Breed, and countless other politicians have been caught in public around others without masks on. Because this is all a big joke to them.

They do it because they know that idiots like this will rush to defend them, simply because they’re on the same political team.

That’s all this is about – tribalism. They can crush other people’s business and close your kid’s schools, but as long as they subscribe to “orange man bad,” they will be given a free pass when they are revealed to be massive hypocrites.

Ed initially tried to deny it and claimed it was photoshopped.

“It’s weird that you’re taking pictures of me.”

Shut up Ed. You’re a public servant and a public figure who’s been a loud and vocal proponent of wearing masks at all times:

It’s weird that you thought you could get away with being such a hypocritical waste of space and not get called out on it.

When he finally realized that it was undeniable that it was a recent picture of him, he finally came clean.

“MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES” for the mistake he doesn’t remember making and still hasn’t admitted to. This isn’t him admitting to anything.

“I have my doubts.”

“I don’t think it was a real pic.”

These aren’t things you say when you’re apologizing. But it’s all it took for the legion of white suburban soccer moms to thank him for “owning up to his mistake,” make excuses for him, and blame “group bullies” for pointing out what a complete and total fraud he is.

This is the same man who participated in massive BLM protests in their almost all white town, where there was no social distancing and many people were not wearing masks.

Because for tyrants like Ed Prisby, holding a meaningless protest that accomplishes nothing due to a murder that happened 1,500 miles from here is way more important than a business owner’s right to earn a living.

People have been messaging about this clown for months for a variety of things. Over the summer he apparently tried to shame a State Rep for not banning someone on his page because he shared a link to Q-Anon.

There’s nothing these people fear more than dissent and a general public that isn’t afraid to stand up to them. It’s why they try so hard to crush and silence those who fight back and speak out. Don’t let them. Here’s Ed Prisby’s Facebook page if you’d like to share your thoughts there. Safe to say he should resign immediately.


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