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Poor Behavior

Grafton Woman Attempts To Win Back Children From DCF By Constantly Posting About Carnal Urges And Constant Disappointment From Unfaithful Baby Daddy


This is Lakesha Andrews, originally from Grafton but now residing in various Worcester motel rooms.

Yes, she is in fact a white girl named Lakesha. I’m as confused as you are.

Lakesha is the President of the Worcester County “I don’t have custody of any of my children” Club, and all of her best family pics are in the DCF visitor’s room.

I’ve been doing this long enough to recognize those DCF visitor’s couches anywhere.

Lakesha suffers from the “disease,” and claims she wants to reunite with her 3-4 confiscated DCF babies, but as we will see she is doing the polar opposite of what you would be doing if you wanted them back.

This is Jared Bergeron from Worcester.

As you can see Wigger Phelps is into Hennessy, heroin, and hoodrat things with his friends. He also has an assortment of Google trophies.

Naturally then Lakesha decided that this would be the ideal person to impregnate her for the 3rd or 4th time (who’s keeping track really?).

Here they are celebrating the birth of the most recent baby the DCF Fairy nabbed because he’s clearly high out of his mind.

I didn’t know that a chinstrap could grow a tumor, but here we are.

For a while she went by Kesh Kesh on the Facebook machine, and she’d try to get her kids back by posting about how she missed her dose at the clinic.

Letting the world know about how much she misses her daughter, right after posting about her thirst for the bacon bazooka.

And using the n word to explain why her baby daddy didn’t find her rumpus large enough, or her oral skills sufficient, despite successfully getting him to climax.

Around Christmas time she swore him off for good after leaving the shelter for some push-push, only to find out that he had moved onto superior product at his Mom’s house.

Finally she announced right before Christmas that she would be starting a new Facebook page using her real name, and that she would no longer be posting about her personal issues and desire for spam javelin in her meat wallet.

And by “not posting s*** about any relationships or any man” she meant this:

I think the most shocking part about those posts is the fact that she uses condoms, and has a brand preference.

As usual she felt the need to let the world know that she was in desperate need of Jurassic Pork, but he’s not giving it to her because he’s stuffing other tacos over at his Mom’s house. So at this point her priority is getting her kids back.

Most DCF Moms would be posting about how they’re trying to get their kids back from the DCF Fairy, but not the Grafton Gherkin Gobbler. She’s “trying to get supa soaked” after she gets a new tattoo.

And because she hasn’t brought enough instability and confusion to her children’s lives she also wants to change their last names every time Wigger Phelps dips his yogurt slinger into another drug addicted woman’s stench trench.

Of course the joke her is on the taxpayers because we’re the ones paying for this.

Because in Massachusetts the joke is always on the taxpayers.


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