Grafton Woman Raising Money For Vet Bills After Feeding Obese Bunny Chinese Food And Divorcing Husband After Accident


This is Tanya Koellner from Grafton.

She’s a local SJW who doesn’t hide the fact that she’s intolerant and isn’t a fan of the military.

At least she’s honest.

The other day she posted in a town Facebook group about how she was in an accident and is divorcing her husband because of it, or something.

OK then. Thank you for sharing this extremely vague and personal anecdote with strangers. I’d love to come over your house and assemble furniture with you.

She also has a GoFundMe for her obese bunny who is old and has GI problems. She’s asking for $1,500 and claims she already put down $1,100.

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Here’s a thought – maybe your bunny Walter wouldn’t have gastrointestinal problems if you didn’t feed him General Gao’s chicken and various other meats.

Because he’s a bunny. That doesn’t make him a “weird bunny,” it makes you a weird owner of a bunny. If I fed my kid donuts for dinner that wouldn’t make him weird, it would mean I’m a ratchet parent.

This is a woman who only recently moved here from Washington state with the husband she is now divorcing, and regularly shares her personal life details with complete strangers in the Facebook groups.

Ya know, you really could’ve just left it has “can anyone recommend a therapist?” But that’s something a person would do if they weren’t an attention starved lunatic who wants people to feel bad for them.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t feed Chinese food to your elderly obese bunny with teeth problems, and if you do then you should really pay for the medical bills yourself. Also, not everyone needs to know the intimate details of the chaotic relationships that always seem to find you. I’d say that I feel bad for her, but, ya know….


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