Granby School Committee Member Who Voted Against Reopening Schools Posts On Facebook That She’s Sending Her Kids To In-Person Private Schools


Granby is a small town in Western Massachusetts with a population a little over 6,000, who up until now had only been featured on TB when Cindy’s Ice Cream was featured in a controversial rap music video in 2018. Stephanie Parent was recently elected to the School Committee in town.

She was part of a 4-1 decision to do “remote learning” in the Granby Public Schools to start the school year, before transitioning to a hybrid model sometime down the road. The one dissenter actually wanted to do remote for the entire year.

But Granby has no reason not to to open their schools because they’re one of the vast majority of towns in the state that’s been labeled as low risk by our pro-lockdown governor. I’ve circled the small town of Granby on the map because I assume you have no idea where it is.

Stephanie Parent has insisted that schools should not reopen “until it’s safe,” even though the virus has never been a threat to children.

However, it appears as if Stephanie does not actually believe that in-person learning is unsafe, since she posted the other day on Facebook about sending her two kids off to in-person private school.

The mere fact that her kids go to private school should disqualify her from sitting on the School Committee. If the public schools in your town aren’t good enough for your children then you should not be serving on a board that oversees the public schools.

“What we did was right for our girls, as you’d do for your own children.”

Except the people who can’t afford private school or count on the public schools don’t have the option to send their kids to school because of you. The schools are safe enough for your kids, but everyone else must sacrifice because schools are unsafe.

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This woman is a realtor too, and she knows that she can’t bring her kids to open houses. She realizes that on top of educating our children, there is also certain aspect of babysitting that comes along with schools too, and parents plan their careers around that. She knows that if she does not send her children off to school it will limit her ability to make a living and pay her family’s bills. She realizes that other people are in this exact same situation, she just doesn’t care about your problems.

She also let her own kids go horseback riding without masks or social distancing around other adults too.

But your kid can’t go to school.

What about all the other working parents who will now have to quit their jobs to do the teacher’s jobs for them? She has an answer for that.

Translation – I don’t have a solution for your dilemma, but if we lived in a fantasy world with unlimited resources the government could just pay you to sit at home and babysit your kid until COVID magically disappeared. Oh, and we should open more daycares, which won’t do much for your 7 year old, but luckily COVID doesn’t spread to daycare workers or inside private schools. Only public school teachers and students can get it.

As I’ve stated a million times before, there’s no reason schools shouldn’t be fully opened. Zero kids have died from COVID in this state and zero kids will die from it moving forward. It’s a disease that preys on people who are already very sick or morbidly obese, and we don’t shut our society down because you let yourself go and didn’t feel like exercising. The people locking you down and telling you to wear masks don’t believe a word they’re saying. It’s why we keep catching people like Marty Walsh, Nancy Pelosi, and Gian Raimondo without masks on, and it’s why School Committee members like this have no problem sending their kids off for in-person learning. No one is actually scared of COVID, but we all have to pretend that we are because our world is run by frauds.


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