Grand Jury Indictment Shows Monica Cannon-Grant Paid Herself $170K Salary, Committed Unemployment Fraud While Making $75K For Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting


I’ve read the entire 42 page indictment of Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark Grant, and we will be reviewing the entire thing in detail on the Turtleboy Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode. I will also be going on the Howie Carr Show tonight at 6:05 for a victory lap. Days like today make all the sacrifices worthwhile.



Here are some highlights that stood out:

  • Monica paid herself a salary of $170,092 in 2021 despite claiming not to collect a salary
  • Monica and “associate 1” were paid $75,000 by “a Massachusetts media business” to do diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting work, as a direct result of the George Floyd killing. Monica pocketed all this money, never reported the income, and continued to collect unemployment. It doesn’t state who the associate is, but my money is on Didi Delgado.

  • Monica and Clark spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated, earmarked money on personal expenses, including food, hotels, plane tickets, and nail salons
  • Monica applied for a grant from her friend Rachael Rollins officer and received it, claiming she was taking black men to Philadelphia to learn about violence prevention there. She never went to Philadelphia, and instead blew the money on an expensive hotel in Maryland, which we documented in our reporting.

  • Monica used donated money to pay back overdue rent, outstanding tolls, cell phones, and even invested in stocks online
  • Monica’s rent in Boston was $4,200 a month
  • After unemployment became suspicious that Clark and Monica were defrauding the system Clark texted Monica to tell her he was caught, and Monica told him to lie to the government and see VIB had been closed during the pandemic


  • Clark illegally represented VIB’s bank account as his own personal bank account in an attempt to try to secure a mortgage for the home they purchased in Taunton
  • In May of 2021 Monica paid herself a $22,304 bonus from VIB’s bank account so that she could pay for mortgage costs
  • Monica and Clark orchestrated a fake $3,000 gift from a friend in order to pay for closing costs on their home
  • The indictment does not include the millions of dollars she raised from willing donors (individual and corporate) who were coerced into paying her reparations as a result of the George Floyd killing



There are so many people and organizations that aided and abetted Monica Cannon-Grant. Without the complicity of the Boston Globe, WBUR (public television), prominent politicians, the Celtics and Bruins, and all of her donors, Monica never would’ve had the platform to do what she did. They didn’t care that she threatened to murder a republican black woman running for Congress, who she accused of “riding white penis for a credit score.”

But they suddenly care now. The message they sent is clear – racism and violence are OK, but if you embarrass people like Rachael Rollins you will pay the price.

Former Globe reporter Zoe Greenberg wrote a glowing piece entitled “Here’s Monica” that presented her as a civil rights leader in 2020. Today she tweeted out news of the indictment, as if this wasn’t her doing.

I contacted Zoe and reporter Stephanie Ebbert about this several times via email and Twitter. Zoe responded by blocking me, while Ebbert ignored me.

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