Greenfield Teacher In Trouble For Playing Hangman In Class After Mostly White Townsfolk Decide That It’s Racist 


A Greenfield Public Schools teacher is in hot water for playing Hangman with kids in class. I wish I was kidding.

Recorder: An incident alleged to have happened while a Greenfield Middle School educator was virtually teaching her students a unit on Black History Month has prompted a student’s grandmother and a local group to write letters to school officials asking that Greenfield schools focus more on social justice and anti-racism and to respond to the incident. Assistant Superintendent Judy Houle said the incident, which occurred in early February, involves a personnel matter so she cannot talk about it at this time. She said, “We are aware of the situation and are conducting an active investigation of the matter.”

Houle said she has seen the two letters — one from Elizandra Espada, the grandmother of one of the boys involved, and the second from Musica Franklin, where that boy and another boy who was impacted have been taking music classes for several years. Espada and Musica Franklin sent their letters to the Greenfield Recorder as well as the teacher, who has not been identified, the Greenfield Middle School principal and the superintendent. The letters have been printed on the Opinion page. Espada, who could not be reached for comment by press time, said in her letter that she is “extremely disappointed.” She alleges that the teacher used the first day of Black History Month to play the old childhood game, Hangman, virtually with her class. She claims the teacher called on her grandson, using him as an example by calling on him to read the words “Black Lives Matter.”

“This is something that should not be played in schools or anywhere else,” Espada wrote.

“You teachers have a lot of power over students, and to have a young Black or Brown child play that racist game of Hangman is unconscionable,” she wrote in the letter. “You knew exactly what you were doing when you played that game and chose my grandson as an example. The other students knew what you were doing, as well, and reported it to their parents because they were very upset.”

Hangman is now “unconscionable.” This is the world we are living in.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. How bout the fact that her last name is Espada, which sounds Hispanic? There was never a time when Hispanic people were lynched by racist mobs in our country’s history, yet Grandma is playing the “muh Black History Month” card. In no way, shape or form could any reasonable person conclude that Hangman is racist. But make no mistake about it – Hangman will be the new circle game, thin blue line, or “all lives matters,” – a completely harmless, innocuous thing that the woke crowd will repurpose and then ban outright. Hangman will officially be over in the Greenfield Public Schools moving forward because the gutless administrators will decide that it’s easier to appease an unreasonable mob than it is to stand up to them over something like Hangman.

Lynchings took place mostly on trees, and were conducted by unorganized mobs. Hangman is a game that takes place on imaginary gallows, which would indicate that it’s a state sanctioned hanging.

Hangman was also invented in England in the 18th century, and depicted a real life Hangman who would who would chop the 5 legs of a chair that a prisoner was standing on every time they got something wrong. The fifth time they died. This is white people killing other white people at the behest of the state. Yet somehow black and brown people in Greenfield are hurt by it.

Most importantly, it’s a game. Just shut up and let the kids play a game.

Apparently these two boys who had to play Hangman are so traumatized that their other school where they learn to play music also sent a letter.

Gloria Matlock, who teaches drumming, singing, dancing and social justice at Musica Franklin, said both boys, who are Black and are 11 and 12 years old, attend Greenfield Middle School. She has known both boys since they were 7 and 8 years old.

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Stop right there. She teachers “singing, danging, and social justice.” This is a class now. This woman collects a salary from the taxpayers.

Money well spent.

“I know their families and they both contacted me,” Matlock said. “One of the children — the one called on — was very mad. The other child turned off his computer when it happened, went to his room and turned off the light and lay in bed. They were humiliated and have been sad ever since.”

Matlock said the children have been quieter than normal since the incident, saying their “lights aren’t shining as brightly.” She said she doesn’t understand why anyone would play Hangman with students of color.

Oh no, a 12 year old was sad! Kids are never allowed to be sad! Better cater to his stupid, whiny feelings, rather than telling him to stop being such a turd and just play Hangman.

Matlock said she worries about the boys.

“These are the things that happen, and then children close down and get in trouble, and people wonder why there are problems,” Matlock said. “It affects them strongly. It affects their parents and grandparents.

No, it doesn’t. It does not affect them strongly at all. You literally just made that up.

Turns out that back when these adults played Hangman in school it wasn’t racist, but now that they can look clearly at it they’ve realized that they were taking part in systemic oppression.

Espada wrote she needs to be able to trust that her grandson is getting an education he deserves and not be harmed by racist connotations. She acknowledges that many played the spelling game as children, as it seemed “innocent” enough then, but a clearer look finds an “innocuous sketch of a lynching.”

Because when you’re constantly looking for racism it’s really not that hard to manufacture it.

I have no idea what the teacher is like, but if this part is true he or she kind of deserves the backlash:

Espada’s letter, which was received shortly after the incident, was followed by another letter from Musica Franklin more than a week after hers. It was signed by its staff and board and starts, “Recently, a teacher at the Greenfield Middle School led a classroom in the game of Hangman. The words to be spelled under the image of a lynching were ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The teacher called on a child of color to read the words. The shaming, humiliation and threatening of children of color in their classroom is unacceptable.”

When keeping it woke goes wrong. Trying to shove BLM propaganda down their throats during Hangman didn’t work out quite the way they hoped.

“To be blind to the racism embedded in Hangman displays a lack of sensitivity and awareness. To be blind to the importance of Black History Month, when white privilege is embedded in our society and school curriculum, when we see the expression of that privilege manifest in the news cycle over and over, is shocking.”

“We call on the Greenfield Education Department to sponsor anti-racism trainings for all staff to understand how they can best support all their students by identifying and challenging cultural assumptions based on racist practices,” the letter reads. “They need to take a close look at the curriculum, to see who it validates and see who it excludes, with the goal of offering a curriculum that validates and supports all children.”

“It’s important that teachers who teach students of color receive anti-racist training,” she said. “They need to think about some of the things people have said for years but are offensive to others. There are things that can be done, and I hope Greenfield schools do them.”

There it is! There’s always cash at the end of the rainbow with these folks. “Sponsor anti-racism trainings” = hire my friends non-profit to force critical race theory on students and staff so my friends can pay their rent.

I expected that most people would laugh at how stupid this is, but I once again forgot that this was the woke Kingdom of Greenfield, and most agreed that Hangman has got to go.

“Evil.” LOL.

Speaking of evil, ya know what’s really evil? Gingers like Ryan Behan.

I think we can all agree that gingers should be into camps and no one should take anything they say seriously.

Hangman “isn’t even a game for white people,” because it is a “tool to enforce white supremacy.”

Chill out there Mrs. Doubtfire.

Marianne Bullock says it has to be outlawed because there is a “very recent history of lynching in our country.”

Except there isn’t. She just made that up because for people like her living in a racist fantasy world is preferable to the reality of living in the safe, secure, and most diverse country on earth.

This might seem like no big thing, but you have to fight for stuff like Hangman now. These people are cultural terrorists. One by one they seek to take away normal, non-racist things from society, and nobody fights back because it’s “just Hangman.” But The New Resistance isn’t putting up with this garbage anymore, and we will mock, humiliate, and embarrass anyone who chooses to take part in this regressive nonsense, because they are a joke.
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