Greg Bates Tried Turning North Shore Eats Mob On Bartender For Cutting Him Off On Dollar Draft Night, Gets Called Out And Banned By Owner

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (3:30)

I regret to inform you that Greg Bates, one of the most infamous and douchey bully scammers of all time, is up to his old tricks – weaponizing his North Shore Eats Facebook group to attack a restaurant that didn’t give him free stuff.

Apparently Jacobs Corner Sports Bar & Grill in Beverly had a bartender on dollar drafts night that Master Bates didn’t like. This guy allegedly called Greg cheap, for absolutely no reason, while getting shitfaced on the clock. Greg claims this is one of his first negative reviews for a restaurant, but as we saw in our 7-part investigation, he did this all the time to establishments that wouldn’t give him free gift cards. Read it if you haven’t already. He’s truly one of the most wretched people we’ve ever written about.

To the surprise of no one, there was more to the story.

Greg is an alcoholic who is infamous for getting drunk and pulling the “do you know who I am” card. But you can get as plastered if you want if you don’t have a car and have to walk everywhere.

Master Bates isn’t used to business owners who stand up to him, and those who do usually get tossed from the group so that he can harm their reputation without blowback. In this case Greg claimed to have been friends with the owner for years.

He’s such a great friend but couldn’t message him privately? That lie was debunked when the owner showed up and told Greg he was banned from the bar for his poor behavior.

The owner then immediately posted on his business page, hinting that Greg Bates was banned for doing Greg Bates things.

As usual, Master Bates is a really bad liar. His story about being called cheap on a dollar draft night made zero sense. What made a lot more sense is that Greg got drunk, the bartender shut him off, Greg threatened to shame him on North Shore Eats, and when the bartender didn’t comply he followed through. Keep in mind, this is the same person who shook down a restaurant for $300 worth of gift cards he said he was going to raffle off, then used them himself, showed up 5 minutes before closing time, spent most of it on alcohol, mocked the waiter for being gay, and left a $4 gift card tip on a $300 bill.

This is just who he is. He’s the guy who factored in hooker money while calculating child support because “sex is something important to me, if I don’t get it from her I will buy it and redo the weekly budget as needed.”

He’s still the same man who put video cameras in his ex-wife’s car, placed one of the kid’s cell phones in the trunk of a friend’s car to track mother’s movement via the GPS, disabled her credit cards, threatened to rape her, kept her in the marriage by threatening suicide in front of the children and even kissed them good bye, pretended to take his last breaths while faking a suicide attempt on the phone with kids, drinks excessively every day, and threw chairs and spit at her during arguments.

He’s the same guy who has been sent to jail for 30 day stints multiple times for not paying child support (including once again after the blogs were published in 2019), and has been evicted for non-payment of rent. (12) (13)

He’s the same guy who is now telling people that he’s a retired Teamster, when in fact he quit his job as a UPS driver to do North Shore Eats full time and doesn’t collect a pension.

But yea, I’m sure the bartender was the bad guy in this scenario.

The response to those blogs was overwhelmingly negative towards Bates, but some people didn’t read them, or fell for his lie that all of the factual information we published about him was untrue. Others, like this very stupid person called Craig Caplan, chose to defend Greg Bates because I got kicked off Twitter.

Because of enablers like Craig Caplan, there are still around 50,000 people on North Shore Eats, although many are lurkers who remain to keep an eye on his shenanigans. So the Greg Bates scam has continued, and many of his followers blindly take his word for it. If you know any of these people attacking Jacob’s Corner Sports Bar and Grill feel free to call them up and tell them how stupid they look:

They are supporting a perpetually unemployed deadbeat domestic abuser who pretends to be a food critic in order to bully small business owners into feeding him for free. I don’t have time to mock every one of these people, but if you know Amber Lee, Michael Krol, Cynthia Barrett, Kristen Eadie, Kayla Brooks, Lisa Cohen, Stephen Hanson, or Daniel Wagner, feel free to pick up the phone and laugh at them. They deserve your shame and ridicule for their support of his monstrous human being.

Luckily more and more people in the group are speaking up.

Add Nicole Pizzano to the list of people who should be mocked and shamed.

Nicole owns a small business, so she should know better about how reckless it is to do this to someone’s livelihood.

Let it be known – anyone who enables Greg Bates will be treated as one of his co-conspirators. It is no longer socially acceptable for anyone to associate with this man.


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