Guy With Questionable Military History Who Lied About Getting Into Harvard Wants Minihane And Steve Robinson Fired For Asking Him Questions


This is Benjamin Allbright.


According to his Twitter bio he’s a talk show host, reporter, and analyst for Denver sports talk radio. He also mentions the fact that he’s a veteran, something he uses as a trump card to win the thousands of weekly arguments matches he gets into with random Twitter eggs of no particular significance.

Last week when Dave Portnoy tweeted out a joke about crushing unions that caused a lot of controversy, Ben inserted himself into the story by offering up this.


Kirk Minihane and his loyal Twitter army started giving it right back to him, which didn’t go over well with Mr. Allbright.




These are just random people, and he replies to almost every one of them who has anything negative to say about him, despite the fact that he 83,000 followers, and probably gets thousands of replies a day.

Note the arrogance.

“Imagine not knowing what I do and pretending it’s entry level.”

He’s important. VERY important. Imagine not being important as him while pretending you are as important as him? Must be awful.

He also claims that he got nearly a perfect LSAT score, but turned down law school for bigger and better things, which he’s mentioned dozens of times, and at one point had in his bio.


He’s contradicted himself more times than I can count on several topics. For instance, he claims that he left Harvard Law School to do what he does now – talk about the Broncos, pretend to be important, and get the last word in with random people on social media all day.

But yet he also said he was in Iraq when he found out he was accepted to Harvard Law, but never ended up going there.

In another reply to a random person on Twitter he said that many of his fellow classmates at Harvard Law walked around with their pants sagging and an EBT card showing.

At this point he’s established himself as an inconsistent story teller at best, and an outright liar who can’t keep his lies straight at worst.

When someone pointed this out to him he then changed his story back:

“Planned to go and then withdrew.”

No, you didn’t say you planned to go. You said you left Harvard Law, which insinuates that you once attended Harvard Law. You also made comments about the way your alleged classmates dressed at Harvard Law, which would be hard to do if you never attended Harvard Law. And how exactly do you withdraw from an institution that you only “planned” on going to?

The reason I bring this guy up is because he’s trying to get Kirk Minihane and producer Steve Robinson fired from Barstool, and it’s yet another attack on free speech. Based on Davey Portnoy’s recent actions in selling out his employees, I have reason to believe he’s likely to give into the mob too.

Kirk and Steve suspect he’s not telling the whole truth about not only the Harvard thing, but about several aspects of his military service. Here’s what Allbright said in an email to Robinson about his inconsistencies.

Have I been bad at verbiage on the Harvard claim in an effort to make myself look better, eh probably. Approached differently, you had a point there. I stretched the facts and it made it look like something it wasn’t. I’ll own that. It looks bad. Wasnt my intent to lie, but I was definitely being a jackass.

So he readily admits he was lying to make himself look better. Duly noted.

He has a lot of other things he claimed as well, including:

  • He was a walk on football player at the University of Arkansas, where he graduated with three bachelor’s degrees in History, Statistics, and English Literature
  • His father golfed on the PGA tour for three years
  • He was golden gloves in the army

  • He has served in combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being stationed overseas in Korea and Germany. Yet he never mentions Afghanistan when he talks about his deployments overseas.

  • He served as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the army, a decorated position for “intermediate level experts of both the technical and tactical aspects of leading in their field,” which many have questioned.

  • He was part of the “spear” in Iraq in 2003, in initial invasion force to remove Sadaam Hussein

  • He headed off to be deployed to Iraq in 2003 just 30 minutes after his father’s funeral, leaving his family in tears

  • He helped build a wall between Iraq and Iran, a claim that he used to win an argument with someone over whether or not we should build a wall with Mexico, while also claiming to have worked on the Syrian border.

I had no idea there was even a wall in between Iraq an Iran, nor can I find anything about said wall on the Google machine.

Normally I wouldn’t question someone like this, but the problem is that he makes his service a major part of his brand and identity.

It deserves to be looked into.

To win an argument about Josh Gordon passing a piss test he sited his work on the “urinalysis team” in the military.

Urinalysis team? Sure thing Ace.

He’s mentioned the fact that he’s “highly decorated” in order to own every random person who questions his greatness on Twitter.

I’ve never heard a highly decorated soldier repeatedly refer to themselves as highly decorated that many times before.

Ironically he also frequently accuses other people of stolen valor and wants them investigated.

  • At one point he claimed that he’s retired after selling his consulting firm. He also said he was going to send someone to jail for stolen valor after he got their IP information from Twitter.

The arrogance it takes to so confidently state that Twitter is just going to give up IP information on random people because he wants to know everything about them is off the charts. And the fact that a 39 year old could make so much money off the sale of his alleged consulting firm, that he could retire and take a job talking about sports to pass the time, seems suspect as well. Especially since there’s no mention of this highly successful consulting firm on his LinkedIn.

  • In order to prove that his opinion is more enlightened than other people’s he frequently sites his three tours, but yet other times says he did two tours, and said that voting for Trump is like spitting in the face of vets like him.

His explanation for that was that two of those tours were “full,” while the third was a “mini tour for a consult.”

Silly civilians and their questions!!

  • He claims someone spit in his face after returning from Iraq

I’m sure that definitely happened. Absolutely no way someone would make that up. Ever.

Ben’s whole shtick is as follows:

  • He’s the greatest at everything he does
  • People who challenge him are all very dumb, not even close to his level, and get blocked for being ignorant
  • Because of his life experiences his opinions on everything carry more weight
  • He’s a whistle blower who stands up to injustice when he sees it

He’s Conceited Kevin Cullen.

In 2008 he did a long interview with Justine Sharrock from Mother Jones, in which he claims that he worked with Iraqi prisoners of war and was aghast at the treatment they received. Mother Jones is a far left wing media outlet, so the spin on it was that this brave soldier in an institution that is overwhelmingly conservative, had the courage to come forward and call out injustices he witnessed against enemy combatants.

In Iraq, Ben was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division; since there was no computer work for him to do, he was made a prison guard,” she wrote. “The first time Ben saw a detainee get beaten, he took the lead interrogator aside afterward to ask, ‘Was this stuff really allowed? Didn’t it violate the Geneva Conventions?’”

This uncritical, single sourced, non-verified retelling of one man’s story made him a legend in the human rights activist community. He is always the passive-aggressive hero. Always.

However, in emails that were forwarded to us from the US Army, they said they had no records of him serving in Iraq in 2003 or 2004 or 2007, but they did have him there in 2009.

“Sergeant Allbright served as a signal support systems specialist in the Army Reserve from April 1998 to March 2012,” Army Public Affairs Officer William J. Sharp said in an email.

“He deployed to Kuwait and Iraq from August 2009 to February 2010,” he said.

However, according to Ben’s public statements he was an interrogator, a combat engineer, and an information technology specialist. The army also said they have no knowledge of him serving in Afghanistan.

Could the Army records be lost or wrong? Maybe. Ben can easily clear this up himself, but he has a tendency to block anyone who questions him.

The story itself also shows more inconsistencies with some of the things he’s said. He claimed earlier that he was in Iraq when he found out he was accepted into Harvard (and declined of course), but in the Mother Jones article he told them he turned down an offer from NYU for law school, and made no mention of Harvard.

He also repeated the line about being deployed 30 minutes after his father died in 2003. Every person we’ve asked about this said the army would never tear you away from your family 30 minutes after a funeral. Evidently Ben is different.

There’s also no record of him playing football at Arkansas, no record of him being “golden gloves” (whatever that means) in the army, nor is there any trace of his father golfing on the PGA tour.

At this point it was more than fair for anyone associated with Barstool Sports, or the military in general, to question his claims. Lie about one thing, lie about everything.

Apparently Steve Robinson began to email him with some questions and Mr. Allbright didn’t like that, so he posted a screenshot of a portion of the email on Twitter in an attempt to portray himself as a veteran being falsely accused of stolen valor.




Nowhere in there does Steve say he’s going to write a hit piece on him calling him a liar about serving in Iraq in 2003. He just asked for confirmation, which is more than fair considering how often this guy uses his military service in order to prove that he’s more enlightened on political topics.

He also immediately deflects to the “My family is being harassed” line that people use in order to deflect when they’re exposed. And my favorite, if you like a tweet that’s negative towards him in this matter you will be getting blocked.

Does he have proof that his family was harassed by Minihane fans? No, but he does have a business card showing he filed a police report.

Of course anyone can file a police report for anything, so this proves nothing. Yet he claims someone called him up using a voice changer, and told him that “you don’t f*** with Barstool.”

He also claims that he himself is getting harassed.

“They called my show.”

Generally when you host a call-in show, people are apt to call in. What he’s complaining about is that the Minifans have been prank calling him, and there’s no time for joking around on his very, very serious Broncos sports talk radio show.

But he got exactly what he wanted out of it – pity.

Then he claimed that his mother texted him about the whole situation in an attempt to get more pity.

I’m sure that’s definitely his mother who sent that. This guy is clearly reputable. .

Benjamin is calling any questioning of his very inconsistent story telling “libel,” which is why he messaged MHB on Twitter, and said he was being falsely smeared.

But again, all people are doing is asking legitimate questions. If he didn’t hide behind his service to win every argument he get in then no one would care about his alleged service.

The thing about Benjamin Allbright is, he’s a born winner. And although he pretended to not like all the attention he’s recently gotten, he still came out on top because his “ad rate” was up as a result of all the Barstool blowback.

Except you don’t make money from Twitter based on your interactions. That’s not how this works.

Ben has been on a mission to get Steve and/or Kirk fired for the last 24 hours.

He claims that he’s gotten lawyers involved because he’s been “falsely accused of committing a crime.”

Except Steve never accused him of that. He just asked for evidence to back up his claims.

Ben says he’s going to be getting his DD 214 forms, proving that he was in fact in Iraq in 2003.

It’s been 24 hours and he hasn’t posted them though, so I posed the question on Facebook about how quickly veterans would be able to produce this. The responses were overwhelming.

Pretty quickly.

So why doesn’t he have his yet?

He moves a lot. OK then.

Then last night he tweeted out what he thought was proof that he wasn’t lying about being in Iraq in 2003.



As you can see, he was on active duty during that time. But it doesn’t prove he was in Iraq.

The DD 214 could prove that though, so why isn’t he sharing those?

Because he’s not going to do so until Barstool, a company he called out publicly, fires two employees who questioned his extremely questionable past.

The bottom line is that even if Benjamin Allbright did serve as he says he did, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s lied about a lot of things, and he’s fair game for questioning. If Steve and/or Kirk lose their job over this it will be more gutless capitulation to a mob. All they did was ask a question privately, via email, to a guy who was publicly shaming their company. Here’s the entire email exchange between Ben and Steve Robinson.

Sounds perfectly reasonable so far. Allbright of course responded by threatening deformation lawsuits, claiming that it serves no public interest to ask about his alleged service (it does), and warning him to abandon the story because “it’s not going to end up positively for you.”

Steve continued to ask questions.

Ben whined some more.

But yet he still promised he’d provide the documents proving his service.

Then finally in the mid afternoon Allbright warned him that he’d made a serious mistake, demanded a heartfelt apology, and threatened financial repercussions if he didn’t.

I anxiously await Benjamin Allbright boy clearing this up for us by providing his DD 214’s as he promised. Maybe then he can show us his highlight films playing football for Arkansas, or maybe explain how to build a wall like the one he did on the Iran border.


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