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Hadassah Robeson Writes Fraudulent Affidavit, Judge Signs Harassment Order Violating First Amendment Right To Free Press


On August 29, 2019, I faced a judge in Milford District Court to answer for a harassment order application filed by Hadassah Robeson after a series of blogs I wrote exposing the horrid conditions she was exposing vulnerable women to in her house. Her application was meritless and the judge denied it, despite a Shakespearean performance in which she pretended to have a panic attack and cry in court, while mentioning alleged death threats she had never actually received.

Six months passed, and then I received a summons to appear in Uxbridge District Court on March 24 on Monday. Hadassah took out an application for a criminal complaint for wiretapping, something I have never done. I wrote about it last night.

Tonight the Holden Police came to my house to serve me with a harassment order, signed by Milford Judge Robert Calagione (the same Judge from August) after Hadassah Robeson perjured herself by signing an affidavit, filled with easily disprovable lies about me stalking, threatening, and harassing her. The order was granted without any notification for me, and without giving me the opportunity to explain how baseless it is.

Let’s start with the lies in the after David:

  • I have not harassed, stalked, or driven by her home
  • I have not parked my car in front of her house, and I have not been to Milford since August of 2019 when she invited me to the Karma Cafe on Main Street for an interview, before inviting me back to her “women’s and children” shelter on Cedar Street
  • I have not messaged her
  • I have not asked anyone to harass her, in fact I have urged people not to harass her
  • I did write about the ridiculous summons I received in the mail for an application for a criminal complaint that she filed against me for wiretapping, something I have never come remotely close to doing
  • She is not the victim in that case, she is the plaintiff. The police have not charged me with a crime because there is no crime, and she’s doing this as a way to continue to harass me through the courts
  • I have not sent her any death threats, and she has provided no evidence that she has received a death threat. She made these same baseless allegations at our court hearing
  • She is likely not in fear for her life, but if she is this is not something I can control or am responsible for. My freedoms to travel where I please, and exercise my First Amendment rights, cannot be denied because a mentally unstable woman claims that she “fears for her life.”

The order is troubling because of some of the language which is unclear. In particular on number 1 is says that I cannot “harm or attempt to harm the Plaintiff physically or by placing the Plaintiff in fear of imminent physical harm.”

She gets determine when she’s “in fear.” Now by writing this respectfully worded, fact based blog, she will likely argue that she is “in fear,” and I could be in violation of the harassment order.

I told the Holden Police Officer this and asked him if I could blog. It was unclear from his point of view, but he urged me not to do anything that would lead to me getting arrested.

Let me be perfectly clear – I am willing to go to jail for this. I am willing to DIE for this. I would gladly do it. Our Founding Fathers, and the soldiers who fought and died to protect the world from Fascism during World War 2, risked and sacrificed their lives for my right to speak freely. I won’t disrespect them by voluntarily giving up my freedoms because a scam artist perjured herself and told a judge that she’s scared for her life.

Also, I have no idea who Sean Michael Gray is, but it’s certainly not an alias I use.

See you in court.


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