Harmony Montgomery’s Stepmother Arrested For Using Missing Girl’s Name For Food Stamp Fraud Despite Never Reporting Her Missing


Yesterday we pondered why Adam Montgomery’s wife Kayla hadn’t been arrested for her involvement in his daughter Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance, since the 5 year old girl lived with her for months before suddenly disappearing.

Surely she must’ve had questions, and couldn’t take at face value Adam’s obvious lie that Harmony was dropped off with her mother Crystal and never seen again.

Today the Manchester Police did arrest Kayla Montgomery, but for something unexpected:


Food stamp fraud!

If the cops are going around arresting people for food stamp fraud I got a list of hundreds of ratchets we can go after right now. But obviously they were just looking for a reason to lock her up so they could find out more about Harmonys disappearance. It’s $1,500 in fraud. There are ratchets who steal that much from the taxpayers on a weekly basis.

According to the after David, Kayla applied for an additional $129 in food stamps every month starting in February 2019 when Adam Montgomery was awarded custody because her mother abandoned her. Both Kayla and Adam state that they have not seen her since November of 2019, but yet they continued to apply for monthly benefits using her name until June of 2021. Kayla told police she tried to remove Harmony from the account, but that was a lie.

She would also blow all the money immediately as soon as it got in her account.

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I wish it didn’t take a missing child for authorities to go after food stamp abusers. God knows how much money is wasted on people like Mike Giannetti who spend our tax dollars on cigarettes and scratch tickets while neglecting their children.

At the end of the day Kayla and Adam kept using Harmony’s name to collect food stamps because that’s all the girls’ life was worth to these maggots. They both knew she was dead but continued to use her name to feed their habits. Speaking of fleecing the taxpayers, the Manchester Police have discovered more in a week than DCYF did in two years. Everyone involved in this story let Harmony down, and sadly nothing will change.


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