Harrington Hospital Nurse Wishes Death Upon President Trump Several Times, Calls Him A Prick And Supporters “Arse Lickers” In Facebook Posts 


Christine Osborn is a Woodstock CT resident, legal immigrant from Australia, and nurse at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge.

She’s quite woke and plans on voting for Joe Biden in a few weeks.

Karen Kangaroo’s affinity for Biden largely derives from her hatred of the current President, which can be gleaned from looking at some of her rather incendiary and inappropriate Facebook posts. For instance, she recently wished death upon Donald Trump, called his supporters “arse lickers,” and said, “die you prick” when she found out he contracted COVID.

Someone suggested that her post was over the top and gave her a chance to take it back, since her job is literally to preserve life. She decided to double down instead.

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Actually, make that a triple down.

She really wants you to pat her on the back though for going to work every day and doing her job while you do absurd things like protest for liberty and bodily autonomy.

Funny how none of those signs say “black lives matter.” Of course we know by now that 50,000 people holding “defund the police signs” is necessary for public health, whereas a wedding with 100 people is a super spreader. This is all very logical.

Christine Osborn also thinks that people who refuse to live in fear are “dickheads” as are people who vote for Trump.

Don’t worry though – I’m sure she’ll provide you with quality healthcare if she finds out you’re a Trump supporter. She seems so stable.

In all seriousness, this woman’s Facebook posts should disqualify her from working in healthcare. And if she hates this country so much she’s free to go back to Australia where the entire continent was recently on fire  and people are being arrested for forming Facebook groups that criticize the draconian government lockdown.


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