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Harvard Dad Demands Elementary School Force Kids To Mask To Protect His At Risk 71 Year Old Dad Who Lives In Florida And Just Got Back From Thailand


Now that the jig appears to be up and no one is wearing masks anymore we must make sure that it never makes a comeback, especially when it comes to kids. That’s why it’s more important than ever to mock and laugh at anyone who’s still buying into the masking nonsense. Don’t be polite. Hurt their feelings. Be extremely rude and condescending. Laugh at them. These people are monsters and they want to force your children to be abused by the state because they don’t understand how science works.

This is Nate Finch, a communist and political activist from Harvard, MA with a blue haired wife.

He recently spoke at a Board of Selectmen meeting about why he thinks the schools should require parents who go into their kid’s buildings to be vaccinated, and said that kids should be forced to wear masks because his kids like wearing masks.

Still a better public speaker than Joe Biden. I’m not even going to mock the stutter because that would be juvenile. But he absolutely should be mocked for his public stance on raping parents with a vaccine in order to allow them into the government buildings they pay for, and abusing other people’s children.

Newsflash – your kid doesn’t like wearing a mask. They just do as their told because they’re taught to be obedient. They are the only class of human beings who lacks the ability to fight back and vouch for themselves. If they really feel this way it’s because you failed as a parent by filling their brains with unnecessary fear.

This week he caused quite a stir in when he announced that his child’s elementary school should go back to forced masking because positive cases in the school went from 2 to 14 since masking became optional.

“Your freedom to unmask stops when it gets our masked kids sick.”

No, it actually doesn’t. My kid has always been allowed to get your kid sick. Your child does not have a right to perpetually avoid catching a virus that has not killed any children that age in Massachusetts.

“One of the positives is a kid that I know is really good at masking.”

So what you’re saying is, wearing a mask did not protect this child from COVID. Therefore the solution is forced masking. Science!

I know this is hard to understand Nate, but correlation is not causation. Just because cases went up doesn’t mean that it’s a result of a lack of forced masking. More importantly, how can anyone be so stupid this far into the pandemic to believe that COVID is a threat to children?

One woman pointed out this glorious self own to Nate, and asked how he had insider information.

But Nate Demagogue wasn’t trying to hear that because it actually proved the exact opposite in his mind, and his 71 year old father with COPD needs protection from kids.

Let’s be perfectly clear so people like Nate aren’t confused – I don’t care at all about your 71 year old father on oxygen. He’s your problem, not mine. It takes a grossly immoral society to rationalize abuse of children in order to “protect” the elderly.

“He could die even though he’s vaccinated and boosted.”

These people never get tired of owning themselves. First we were told the vaccine prevents you from getting COVID, but that turned out to be a lie. Then we were told that ACCKKSHUALLY it prevents you from dying if you get it, leading to vaccinated individuals definitively announcing that the vaccine saved their lives after they got COVID, even though there was a 99.99% chance they would’ve survived without the vaccine.

But now the vaccine not only fails to prevent transmission, you can also die when you get it, even after getting your 18th booster.

Now shut up and get your forced vaccination so you can enter your kid’s school. It’s science!

Except there’s just one thing about Nate forgot to mention about his 71 year old fragile father who’s about to die the second he gets a virus he’s vaccinated against that pretty much everyone has gotten:

He’s a healthy 71 year old man who lives nowhere near the kids in Harvard who are supposedly going to kill him, he chooses to live in a state that had almost no COVID restrictions or mask mandates, and he travels the world to places like Bangkok with Dad #2.

On top of that he seems like he wants to enjoy his golden years by doing things doctors don’t recommend you do because living scared defeats the point of living altogether.

Oh, and a couple days ago he visited Harvard and stayed in a house with his unmasked granddaughter who goes to school in a COVID petri dish.

But yea, Nate has the right to force other people’s children to smother themselves with a useless cloth mask for 7 hours a day in order to protect his 71 year old father who clearly doesn’t fear COVID in the least.

As Keli pointed out, it’s a free country, which Nate’s father would agree with.

“A minor inconvenience is worth more than someone’s life?”

Sorry, we’re not falling for that anymore Jen with the mask profile picture.

For the record, forcing a child to wear a mask against their will for over 2 years isn’t a minor inconvenience. It’s child abuse. And yes, I will sacrifice the health of the elderly to avoid child abuse, even though the elderly are fully protected with a vaccine. You won’t, because you’re a child abusing monster, but some of us have morals.

Keli just kept coming at him, but Nate kept going back to the need to protect his world traveling Dad #1 in Florida.



“I don’t need or want to prioritize Nate’s dad’s life.”

She didn’t say that, but I certainly did. I just don’t give a shit about your Dad’s health, and I’m done playing your silly communist mind games. She might care, but I definitely do not. I only care about my children’s mental well being.

Unfortunately for Nate someone else figured out that his Dad lives in Florida.

“You went and looked up who my Dad is.”

Yes, we did. Because you people ALWAYS end up being hypocrites, and it’s fun to prove that. Just take the L and sit this one out.

According to Nate it was creepy to click on his father’s Facebook page, which was easy to find because it tagged Nate in a recent picture.

You cracked the case, creepy Colombo! How did they ever figure it out?

Some pointed out that studies have shown that mask mandates don’t work (although all you really have to do is compare COVID death rates in states like Florida compared to states like Massachusetts to see this for yourself).

“Adults and parent should be willing to take any risk to protect children, not the other way around. Fear is not a virtue.”

Amen brotha!

According to Nate though, masks have no negative effects on kids.

Nate Finch gets hard every time he writes the word “peer reviewed” in a social media argument. There’s nothing these people get off on more than that. Nothing.

Except there’s just one problem – lots of studies do show that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID, and Keli brought receipts.


God I love that woman. A pantsuit smokeshow with a MBA who comes strapped when it’s time to own the libs. Nate had no choice but to admit he’s wrong.

LOL. Just kidding. This is the point of the conversation where they pull an “AAAAAKKKSSHHUUAALLLY” those 7 links you just provided aren’t peer reviewed.

Even Nate’s Dad told him to stop being so gay.

To the surprise of nobody Nate’s been spreading fear porn since day one of the pandemic. Spying on neighbors to see how many cars they have outside of their house, and sharing ridiculous things he finds on Reddit about mentally ill 24 year old teachers writing their wills because they don’t feel like going back to work.

He was perfectly cool with the overcrowded communist street riots that took place in June of 2020 because he wants to defund the police in black neighborhoods, while living in a safe and affluent white community that will see no reduction in policing.

“This is an amazing powerful discourse on why black people are disadvantaged, and why some people are looting right now.”

Tell me you don’t know any black people without telling me you don’t know any black people. White people lecturing other white people that it’s OK for black people to loot and riot over George Floyd because “AAACCKKKSSHHHUUAALLLY systemic racism,” is the ultimate white communist self own.

Nate believes we can fix racism by giving money to Monica Cannon-Grant and other BLM grifters who bought multiple mansions off the donations from dumb white people like him.

Don’t underestimate Nate though – he almost single handedly shut the country down when the Senate filled a vacancy on the Supreme Court with a woman.

Unfortunately Harvard is the most liberal town in Central Massachusetts so the superintendent came up with a policy that any classroom where a single child tests positive must require face masks, even though they wouldn’t have to wear them while interacting with kids in other classes on the bus, at home, or in the cafeteria.

It’s just science really.

The correct response if your child’s school forces them to wear masks again is to tell your child to disobey, and then round up and peer pressure other kids into doing the same. They can’t suspend you all, and the communists love to support children who take up political causes.


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