Haverhill Parents Spend Birthday Trying To Get Other People’s Kids Suspended From School For Wearing Mesh Masks


This is Eric and Nikki Landry from Haverhill.

They send their kids to Hill View Montessori Charter School in Haverhill and are proudly vaccinated.

As you can tell by looking at her, she takes her health seriously. VERY seriously.

Yet despite being vaccinated they are extremely worried about one thing in particular – mesh masks.

The horror! Look at all those spaces for COVID to jump out of someone’s disease infested mouth and murder your obese 12 year old child!

Jeff recently celebrated his birthday by emailing his children’s school to find out if a certain family was sending their children to school with mesh masks on.

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Oh my goodness gracious! No one should be allowed to TAKE RISKS!! Don’t you know there’s a virus out there that has killed millions of children and can only be stopped by wearing non-mesh masks? I saw it on Joy Reid!

The funny part is that people like Jeff Landry don’t even understand or care how ridiculous they look. The only thing that should be more embarrassing than spending your birthday worrying about what kind of masks other people’s kids are wearing is announcing to the world that you’re doing that.

But they’re not the least bit embarrassed because no one ever calls them out on their disgusting, pathetic behavior.

Yet here they are recently taking their unvaccinated kids out to dinner without ANY masks on!

That’s even more deadly than mesh masks!

Nikki And Eric’s activism ended up getting the mesh mask kids suspended from school, which they were quite proud of.

“Endanger the public health of everyone.”

Nikki, you brought your unvaccinated, disease infested kids to a public restaurant where they probably killed at least a hundred people by breathing air. You are more dangerous than Ted Bundy. Personally, I think you should worry a lot more about all the horrible things that could go wrong if you don’t start exercising and working on your massive obesity, rather than worrying about other people’s kids doing pool testing.

But that’s just me.

Here’s the email the school sent out, telling parents that their kids will be sent home if they don’t wear masks that restrict them from breathing.

“Please contact your children’s teachers in the event that you feel your children require accommodations for additional mask breaks.”

If there’s nothing wrong with wearing masks in school then why did kids need a break from wearing them? And does COVID magically stop spreading during masks breaks? Who cares if kids get COVID since they don’t die from it? What are you worried about if you have your vaccine? If cloth masks work then why are cases exploding in areas with mask mandates, and declining in areas without mandates?

These are legitimate questions that the mask Nazis can’t answer because they don’t operate using logic or reason. They don’t care about health or science, they only care about control. It’s not enough that they can control their own children, they want to control you and your children too. They should mocked, ridiculed, and shamed, because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do to you.


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