Haverhill Teachers Who Put Empty Shoes On Stairs To Symbolize Dead Kids And Protest Reopening Have Been Partying With Friends And Going To BLM Protests


Governor Baker surprisingly announced this week that he wants schools to open, largely because it’s completely safe to do so. The commonwealth put out a color coded map that shows which areas have the most cases. Red means remote learning, yellow and green hybrid, and white means you’re good to go back completely.

I’d like to point out that I live in a district with 5 towns, all of which are white, and we are doing full remote learning because no one carest about facts, data, or science anymore. This entire “not until it’s safe” nonsense runs purely on emotion and fear porn.

Speaking of, one of the green cities is Haverhill, and this is what their teacher’s union did yesterday.

Get over yourselves. How many empty shoes will there be? Probably zero, since not a single child has died in this state from COVID.

Every one of these fake teachers who participated in this stunt should be fired. They’re intentionally lying to children and putting unnecessary fear in their heads. They’re ignoring data, science, and reason, which is the exact opposite of what teachers are paid to do. But these are fake teachers, not real teachers. If they don’t want to teach they’re free to quit. Good luck finding a job where you don’t have to show up to work.

No one is being forced to go back either since the state is giving parents the options to do remote learning if they don’t feel safe. So why are kids being denied an education if they want to receive it? The public is overwhelmingly in favor of reopening schools, so why are we allowing these ridiculous teachers to get hold our children hostage? Any hope they had of being taken seriously goes right out the door when they pull a stunt like this. Look how juvenile their arguments are.

“If you could prevent car accident deaths would you?”

We could prevent people from dying in car accidents if we banned cars and blockaded roads. No one would ever die in a car accident. But you’d never be able to travel anywhere and as a society we’re willing to trade a few dead people for the luxury and freedom to drive cars. So no, I would not prevent all car accident deaths if I could. I’d let free people be free.

This is Haverhill teacher Kristen Mooradian-Segan.

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As you can see, she’s your typical left wing union hack who doesn’t want to go back to school and do the job the taxpayers pay her to do. Her Biden filter is why I laugh when people suggest that the lockdowns aren’t political and have nothing to do with the election. This has everything to do with the election because Trump wants schools to open up.

She had a lot to say about why she shouldn’t return to work.

The next teacher who says they’re not a daycare provider or babysitter is getting reminded by me personally that they are in fact part babysitters. Yes, you do more than that. But parents plan their lives around the idea that their children will be in school, and you will be watching them. When you keep an eye on kids and make sure they’re not misbehaving you’re not teaching them, you’re babysitting them. Trust me, I babysat plenty when I was teaching.

Kristen, like many of these overly annoying teachers, is obsessed with saying “only when it’s safe.”

Except it’s already safe now, and it won’t be getting any safer. New Zealand completely got rid of COVID last week and everyone cheered for their prime minister. But they ignored the fact that New Zealand did that because they’re an island nation that closed their borders. The minute they opened up this week they were inundated with new cases and shut the country down again. You cannot run away from the virus or isolate yourself from it. It’s part of life now, it can’t be stopped, and we must go on living in spite of it.

She approves of the shoe stunt because it represents dead kids.

Except she’s either too stupid or uneducated to realize that not a single child has died from COVID in this state. That ignorance alone on such an important current event should disqualify her from teaching.

She’s quite obsessed with herself.

You know what else matters? My kid’s education. So shut up and teach.

Funny though, for a woman who’s petrified of contact with other human beings she sure doesn’t mind going out a lot with friends.

Oh look, no masks. Can I have your shoes when you die next week?

She also bought a season pass to a state beach so “my kids could be outside with friends.”

She’ll hang out at the beach all day and let her children breathe all over other kids, but don’t you dare ask her to go back to work “until it’s safe.”

Anthony Parolisi is the union president who put together this absurd hyperbolic display.

As you can see, he is a healthy looking young guy who has no chance whatsoever of dying from COVID. Nevertheless he filled out a survey saying that neither he nor his spawn will be stepping foot in the public schools any time soon.

“As the rest of the district should.”

His fears of a virus should dictate your child’s right to an education too. He knows what’s best for you, even though he clearly hasn’t looked at the data.

Anthony doesn’t care about kids, and has basically stated that his goal is to win.

Win against Donald Trump. That’s literally all this is about. Your kid’s schools aren’t opening up because these people don’t like Donald Trump. They certainly don’t fear COVID since Anthony was participating in crowded BLM protests two months ago.

He has no problem with rioting either.

As long as he’s “safe.” Everyone else can go pound sand.

Two months ago he put out a list of expectations too.

These people sure like demanding things, but they don’t like working very much.

He also badmouthed a local pediatrician who spoke at a School Committee meeting and said what all pediatricians are saying – schools should be opened up.

Ya know what’s not safe? Rioting. Wish these people felt as strongly about that as they do about depriving our children of an education.

“Our families need support from the government.”

Not mine. I’m ready to send my kid back TODAY.


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